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Alio Die, Amelia Cuni
2001 Projekt (CD)

"Apsaras is breathtakingly beautiful, combining soothing electronic textures, drones, and organic sound samples from Italian soundpainter Alio Die (Stefano Musso) with the amazing North Indian dhrupad singing of Amelia Cuni." – This one is currently Steve's favorite CD.
1. AmbhasMP3 
2. Island Of The Rose Apple TreeMP3 
3. AapahaMP3 
4. Water MemoriesMP3 
5. Churning Of The OceanMP3 
6. ApsarasMP3 


CD  $15.00 
ON SALE, $4.00 
Mark Seelig (with Steve Roach)
2005 (CD)

DISCIPLE is Mark Seelig's first solo project after his powerful contributions on MANTRAM and the WACHUMA'S WAVE project. On this beautiful and meditative CD, Mark fully immerses himself into the traditional Indian Raga styles through his flute and voice overtoning, Guest musicians from India join Mark as do Byron Metcalf on percussion and overall production. Steve provides tambora-inspired analog drones and mastering. The music on the album reflects Mark's 23 years of being a disciple, an initiated seeker. Recorded in three countries -- India, Germany, and the U.S. -- DISCIPLE mirrors Mark's long-lasting connection to these lands.
1. Call of the Divine (based on Raga Bihag)MP314:11 
2. Initiation (based on Raga Jhinjoti)MP320:34 
3. On the Path (based on Raga Khamaj)MP312:30 
4. Awakening (based on Raga Bageshri)MP319:11 

Eleusian Lullaby

CD  $15.00 
ON SALE, $3.00 
Eleusian Lullaby
Alio Die
2007 Projekt PRO208 (CD)

ELEUSIAN LULLABY blends the natural, warm and earthy ambient compositions of Alio Die with the elegant, neo-classical voice of Martina, merging notes and silence into an expanded dreamscape. This is lullaby music like an aural caress from darkness into the light. The combination of the vocal melodies with the abstract qualities of the loops and instruments creates a suspended near-dream space, intimate and sensual at the same time.

1. The Oniroid SleepMP3 
2. A Drone Song for AlienorMP3 
3. Eleusian LullabyMP3 


CD  $16.98 
ON SALE, $3.00 
Forrest Fang
2009 Projekt PRO230 (CD)

PHANTOMS is Forrest Fang's 9th solo album and the follow-up to his Projekt release, GONGLAND. Nearly eight years in the making, PHANTOMS builds on the gamelan-influenced soundscapes of its predecessor by weaving organic sounds of non-Western stringed and percussion instruments and filtering those sounds through a rich melodic tapestry of warm and vaporous atmospheres. Fang's subtly layered and continually evolving textures combine his Asian influences with his love of fractal algorithms that reflect the chaotic beauty of nature. The ambiences of PHANTOMS evoke a state of contemplation within a world in flux. The centerpiece of the album is a 23-minute ambient suite -- "The Hallucinations of Hung Tung" -- inspired by the otherworldly paintings of a Taiwanese fisherman and outsider artist.

1. Distant FiresMP3 
2. The Great WheelMP3 
3. Little AngklungMP3 
4. A Walk Through the CloudsMP3 
5. The Hallucinations of Hung TungMP3 
6. Slow RiseMP3 
7. Ebb in WinterMP3 
8. FloatMP3 


CD  $16.99 
ON SALE, $3.00 
As Lonely as Dave Bowman (Sam Rosenthal)
2007 Projekt PRO195 (CD)

POD is a fascinating new pure deep-dark-ambient release from darkwave maven Sam Rosenthal, founder and owner of Projekt and black tape for a blue girl. The isolation of deep space and the plight of film "2001" character Dave Bowman provides part of the sonic psychodrama of this mercurial mood piece. The sound is muted, consistent and distant as it seems to call out like some kind of haunting searchlight in the deep pockets of space. Perfect for late night excursions in the remote corners of cyberspace and beyond. (Note: This is the non-limited edition in a standard-size Digipak.)
1. POD OneMP3 
2. POD TwoMP3 
3. POD ThreeMP3 
4. POD FourMP3 
5. POD FiveMP3 

Ritual Ground

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feature  feature

CD  $15.00 
ON SALE, $6.00 
Ritual Ground
Solitaire (Steve Roach, Elmar Schulte)
2000 Projekt ARC00013 (CD)
Reviewed by Alternative Press,, Muze, Sonic Curiosity

RITUAL GROUND is a spontaneous sonic combustion, rich in cinematic overtones, deep atmospheres and tribal-electronic grooves. Previously available for a short time on San Francisco's now defunct Silent label -- and featured in the musical score of the Michael Mann film, Heat RITUAL GROUND is a lost classic tribal-ambient gem, back in print at last.

1. Black CloudMP36:27 
2. Turning WorldMP37:43 
3. North SkyMP37:27 
4. Rapt in DarknessMP34:40 
5. Solid GroundMP36:43 
6. RunesMP39:47 
7. In the Forest of Ancient LightMP313:52 


CD  $15.00 
ON SALE, $9.00 
Steve Roach, Loren Nerell
2006 Projekt PRO233 (CD)
Reviewed by Electroambient Space, e|i magazine, Tokafi

TERRAFORM is the first full collaborative album for longtime friends Steve Roach and Loren Nerell. The two composers met in LA in 1981, back in the early days of the electronic music scene. It was a time when like-minded musicians who understood the importance of emerging technology were coming together in local clubs and performance venues to share what they knew and learn from one another. After years of friendship and occasional musical collaboration the two decided to convene in a relaxed setting to see what they could distill from a blending of their collective talents and individual styles to accomplish common aims.

1. Cavity of LiquidsMP318:32 
2. EcopoiesisMP314:24 
3. Texture WallMP328:03 
4. ParaterraMP312:47 

Unlimited edition in traditional jewel case.

The Passage

CD  $13.00 
ON SALE, $10.00 
The Passage
Sam Rosenthal
2011 Projekt PRO265 (CD)

The Passage is a foray into the realms of pure ambient, in the spirit of Steve's Immersion series, from Black Tape For A Blue Girl founder/songwriter Sam Rosenthal. The two pieces on the hour-long album submerge the listener in a self-sustaining environment of warm electronics and minimal processings of deep, tender swells and an unresolved, yearning string theme. This is music which gently rotates around its own axis in a time-suspended haze.

1. The PassageMP3 
2. RaeMP3 

The Promises of Silence

CD  $15.00 
ON SALE, $4.00 
The Promises of Silence
Various Artists
1993 Projekt PRO41 (CD)
Reviewed by Harbinger Hour

An excellent multi-artist collection compiled by Alio Die from 1993, this organic soundscape project includes Dwight Ashley and Tim Story, Temps Perdu?, vidnaObmana, Jeff Greinke, Black Tape For a Blue Girl, Steve Roach, Art of Primitive Sound, Alio Die, Robert Rich and others.
1. Hybryds: Aizen Myoo 6:10 
2. Djen Ajakan Shean: Mountain Wind 6:26 
3. Steve Roach: The Unbroken PromiseMP37:50 
4. Vidna Obmana: Glass Splendour 6:50 
5. Jeff Greinke: Winter Light 7:02 
6. Art of Primitive Sound: Subterranean Worlds 2:10 
7. Ora: Sadalsuud 8:50 
8. Alio Die: The Hidden Spring 4:25 
9. Robert Rich: Black Skies 5:10 
10. Saffron Wood: Deep Water 9:40 
11. black tape for a blue girl: A Good Omen 5:00 
12. Temps Perdu?: Ouroboros 4:13 
13. Dwight Ashley, Tim Story: Baby Thing 5:50 

The Shaman's Heart

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CD  $15.00 
ON SALE, $3.00 
The Shaman's Heart
Byron Metcalf (with Steve Roach)
2005 Dr. BAM's Music DBM003 (CD) – 2010 Digipak re-release
Reviewed by Frank MacEowen, Hypnos Forum, Wind and Wire

This is a powerful and unique rhythmic and soundworld trance experience based on the traditional structures of shamanic drumming used for altering states of awareness. The entire journey is built using a collection of buffalo drums, frame drums and rattles. Presented as a continuous, unfolding rhythmic state, starting with lone peyote rattles and evolving into mandala-like polyrhythmic bliss. Through it all is a shapeshifting undercurrent of essential soundworlds specifically provided to create support for the intrepid inner traveler. This is unlike any of the solo or collaborations from Byron and Steve.

1. Preparation PulseMP38:02 
2. Threshold of IntentionMP38:53 
3. Decision PointMP37:58 
4. The Call for Total SurrenderMP320:09 
5. Raven MedicineMP310:19 
6. Wisdom WorkMP311:51 
7. Unfolding ClarityMP35:51 

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