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The Mindfold

The Mindfold

This isn't a new release, but something you can use while listening to your favorite music. The Mindfold is a foam fitting eyemask that allows TOTAL DARKNESS WITH YOUR EYES WIDE OPEN. This is a tool for deep listening, and is sometimes used in The Timeroom to "test" mixes of pieces in progress. By removing external visual input, Steve's music presents a vivid world in your mind's eye. The Mindfold is excellent for assisting in pure drift excursions of all types, both with music and without. Imagine a float tank experience without the water.

E-Ticket $1500.00
The Music is the Medicine
Steve Roach
2020 (E-Ticket) – 4-day workshop

You are invited to join Steve and Byron for four days of complete sonic immersion in activating and cultivating a deeper connection to transformative sound states, ranging from the expansive ecstatic to the inner quiet. This workshop will include sessions on deeper listening, extended journey concerts, spontaneous interactive group sound creation, elemental sound meditations and more.

Trance Archeology shirt

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Trance Archeology shirt
2019 (Shirt)

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