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Zones, Drones & Atmospheres

CD  $17.99 
ON SALE, $14.00 
Zones, Drones & Atmospheres
Steve Roach
2022 Projekt PRO393 (CD)

In a masterful expression of subtle, potent ambient-electronic minimalism, Steve Roach's newest release activates an internal opening of the mythic imagination. The slowly unfolding interweave of zones, drones and atmospheres displays compelling, deeply evocative textural pieces with an interconnected sense of mystery, awe and wonder.

1. The Living Space 14:28 
2. Breathing Light 7:06 
3. Neomorphic 11:03 
4. Shadow Realms 7:49 
5. Immerse Indigo 5:54 
6. The Perfection of Solitude 16:18 
7. Holding Light 9:53 
8. Submerged 73:04 
9. Isolation Station 58:04 

Tracks 8-9 are digital exclusives, not included on CD.

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