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Meditation In Green

CD $15.00
Meditation In Green
Kelly David
2019 Spotted Peccary Music (CD)

Meditation in Green, the Spotted Peccary label debut of ambient electronic artist Kelly David, is a psychedelic musical journey deep into the heart of Viet Nam's Mekong Delta. Guided by rich ambient textures, manipulated field recordings, traditional instruments, and a blend of cultural and electronic percussion, the album offers a surreal sonic sojourn into a mysterious land defined by the power of a river and its influence, where nature has always been the dominant force.

1. Meditation in Green  
2. Imperial City of Drone  
3. A Bend in the River  
4. Plain of Reeds  
5. Laukoo  
6. Moonlight Mekong  
7. Bells of Cần Thơ  


magnify magnify
CD  $14.00 
ON SALE, $12.00 
Miles Richmond, Peter Grenader (with Steve Roach)
2019 ZSR 5515 (CD)
Produced by Steve Roach
Reviewed by Exposé Online, Star's End

Miles Richmond and Peter Grenader, along with guest artist Steve Roach, have released their debut project POV. This ambient work engages the listening experience through a multi-timbral sonic adventure drawn from gliss guitar inner-weavings and deeply nuanced modular synth worlds. The feeling throughout the flow presents a dynamic yet serene emotional terrain. Elemental touchstones are early Fripp and Eno, American Minimalism and textural ambient.

1. The Fermi Paradox  
2. Firmament (featuring Steve Roach)  
3. The Ooda Loop  
4. Frame 313  
5. The Ooda Loop Reprise  
6. Point of view (featuring Steve Roach)  

The Gesture of History

CD  $17.00 
ON SALE, $14.00 
Vinyl  $25.00 
ON SALE, $20.00 
The Gesture of History
Sam Rosenthal, Nick Shadow (with Steve Roach)
2019 Projekt PRO358 (CD, Vinyl)
Reviewed by Exposé Online

Viola-based textural ambient drift from Sam Rosenthal of Black Tape For A Blue Girl. Introspective passages where the organic texture and emotions of the viola play out over an atmosphere of engulfing mournful beauty. Delicate strings float upon shimmering, forever changing expressionistic backgrounds of processed viola, synth, and harmonium -- profoundly sensitive and deeply moving. The modernist ambient compositions balance on the precipice looking back in moments of reflection and rumination while delicately holding the future in our hands.
1. blood on the snow i 12:20 
2. blood on the snow ii 12:51 
3. ...and watch the galaxy turning 3:53 
4. the gesture of history 16:26 

Presented on CD in 6-panel Digipak or 140-gram black vinyl.

Bloom Ascension

Cassette $10.00
CD  $16.99 
ON SALE, $14.00 
Vinyl  $25.00 
ON SALE, $24.00 
Bloom Ascension
Steve Roach
2019 Projekt PRO364 (Cassette, CD, Vinyl)
Reviewed by , All Music, Exposé Online, Star's End

BLOOM ASCENSION is a resplendent expression of elegant futurism. The rich melodic and rhythmic symmetry of this kaleidoscopic bloom of interlocking electronic music was created specifically for the canvas of time inherent to the LP format. BLOOM ASCENSION's spiraling analog synth/sequencer-driven sound conveys vibrant energy and radiant optimism woven into the core of these living, breathing musical mandalas.

1. The Beauty Relentless  
2. Motivating Factor  
3. Synesthete  
4. Bloom Ascension  

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