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CD  $16.99 
ON SALE, $14.00 
Michael Stearns, Erik Wøllo
2020 Projekt PRO371 (CD)

Soulful electronic sound-painting and evocative space music combine on Convergence, the debut collaboration between Norway's Erik Wøllo and America's Michael Stearns. Known for passionate soundtrack work on director Ron Fricke's Chronos, Baraka and Samsara, Stearns collaborates with Wøllo on his first indie-label-released non-film-score since 2001. Together, these guitarists/synthesists weave a haunting and shadowy world filled with longing melodies and alluring glimmering sonic textures.

1. Triptyk 10:12 
2. Ruins of the Past 7:34 
3. The Way Ahead 1 5:41 
4. A Solitary Place 8:13 
5. The Nomad's Journey 7:12 
6. Somewhere In The Distance 7:12 
7. The Way Ahead 2 6:15 
8. Subterranean Canyon 6:42 
9. The Herald 7:38 
10. Cirrus (Postlude) 5:30 

Inanna's Dream

CD  $16.99 
ON SALE, $14.00 
Combo Pack $20.00
Inanna's Dream
Serena Gabriel (with Steve Roach)
2020 Soundquest Music SQ1 (CD)
Produced by Steve Roach

INANNA'S DREAM is a multi-instrumental ambient sonic odyssey of pure emotion and enchantment. Through the six electroacoustic offerings, feelings of yearning, vulnerability and epiphany are infused into a heart and soul stirring expression that accesses the collective well of human experience. The alchemical blend of archaic and contemporary musical techniques and instruments, including the voice, activate a powerful opening into sacred space.

1. Serpentine 6:33 
2. Inanna's Dream 8:11 
3. Dunes of Solace 16:00 
4. Song of Sending 12:35 
5. The Gazing Pool 7:39 
6. Changing Tides 19:29 

A Soul Ascends

CD  $17.00 
ON SALE, $14.00 
Hi-Res 24-bit 96 kHZ 
A Soul Ascends
Steve Roach
2020 Projekt PRO373 (CD)
Reviewed by Paul Asbury Seaman, Bandcamp Daily, On An Overgrown Path, Star's End

A SOUL ASCENDS is a majestic, deeply moving sonic suspension drawn from the essence of Steve Roach's visionary ambient / electronic music. A vast and intimate holding-the-space of heart-centered serenity and compassion, the album couples the body to the eternal flow of a vaporizing weightlessness — back to a divine nothingness, the Tabula Rasa where everything began.

1. The Radiant Return 32:14 
2. In Present Space 16:01 
3. Reflection in Ascension 25:42 


CD out of stock
The Case For Square Waves While Searching For Happy Accidents

Steve Roach, Miles Richmond, Peter Grenader
2020 (CD)

With POV2, Peter Grenader, Steve Roach, and Miles Richmond have ushered a new departure from their first release, returning to their Westcoast minimalist roots while testing a wide pallet of sonic possibilities -- from ethereal timbral pastures to biting, hard hitting fury.

1. The Case For Square Waves While Searching For Happy Accidents 11:24 
2. 1,000 Theos 15:18 
3. Southwestern Businessmans's Association 4:08 
4. Van Dusen Green 8:00 
5. Hattusha 12:10 

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