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Indonesian Soundscapes

CD out of stock
Indonesian Soundscapes
Loren Nerell
1999 Soleilmoon SOL 82 (CD)

Ethno-flavored field recordings. Given his inspired flair for ethnic music and affinity for travel, Loren Nerell is unquestionably the ideal candidate for producing an audio documentation of Indonesian culture. Compiled during a series of visits to Java and Bali between 1992 and 1997, INDONESIAN SOUNDSCAPES is a varied travel guide via intensive location recordings of native ceremonies, natural environments, and other places of interest. The most intriguing pieces tend to be the ceremonial entries such as the predawn sanctity of "Call to Prayer", the aggressive native percussion ensemble in "Galungan Ceremony", and most of all, the primal rage of gamelan monkey chants in "Kecak". Thoroughly effective are the tracks of natural ambience found in the self-explanatory "Frogs", "Morning Insect Sounds", "Evening Sounds", and "Morning Rain". -- Adam Bialek, Outburn Magazine

1. Call To PrayerMP3 
2. Shadow PlayMP3 
3. Wind Through Bamboo ForestMP3 
4. Galungan CeremonyMP3 
5. Bus DepotMP3 
6. FrogsMP3 
7. Kecak (Monkey Chants)MP3 
8. Morning Insect SoundsMP3 
9. Maulud Nabi FestivalMP3 
10. Surabaya AirportMP3 
11. Gamelan Maker ShowroomMP3 
12. House BlessingMP3 
13. A Walk Through the MarketMP3 
14. Evening SoundsMP3 
15. Morning Rain  


CD out of stock
Loren Nerell
2003 Soleilmoon (CD)
Produced by Steve Roach

Loren Nerell's dark and humid soundscape releases date back to his 1996 release LILIN DEWA, as well as the more recent INDONESIAN SOUNDSCAPES. TAKSU takes cues from both of these albums, blending environmental sounds he records during his Indonesian travels, and Balinese instruments together into a glowing, amorphous cloud of spine-tingling sound.

1. TaksuMP369:19 

Steve Roach spatial treatments, mastering


Limited-edition CD out of stock
Steve Roach, Loren Nerell
2006 Soleilmoon (CD)
Reviewed by Electroambient Space, e|i magazine, Tokafi

TERRAFORM is the first full collaborative album for longtime friends Steve Roach and Loren Nerell. The two composers met in LA in 1981, back in the early days of the electronic music scene. It was a time when like-minded musicians who understood the importance of emerging technology were coming together in local clubs and performance venues to share what they knew and learn from one another. After years of friendship and occasional musical collaboration the two decided to convene in a relaxed setting to see what they could distill from a blending of their collective talents and individual styles to accomplish common aims.

1. Cavity of LiquidsMP318:32 
2. EcopoiesisMP314:24 
3. Texture WallMP328:03 
4. ParaterraMP312:47 

Limited edition comes in a DVD-sized Digipak with 3 postcards inside.

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