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Welcome to our online store! Thanks for your direct support, which enables the continued growth of uncompromised music. Steve will autograph his CD's by request, at no extra charge (subject to availability). All items shown are in-stock, and ship directly from Steve's house in the Sonoran desert. We accept major credit cards, PayPal, personal checks, and more; see the Policies & Shipping page for details and shipping rates.
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A Night For Baku

CD out of stock
A Night For Baku
Djam Karet (with Steve Roach)
2003 Cuneiform RUNE169 (CD)
1. Dream PortalMP35:29 
2. Hungry GhostMP39:21 
3. Chimera MoonMP37:10 
4. Heads Of Ni-OhMP38:06 
5. Scary CircusMP33:44 
6. Falafel KingMP33:25 
7. Sexy BeastMP34:29 
8. Ukab MaerdMP37:58 
9. The Red ThreadMP310:32 

8. with Steve Roach


CD out of stock
Djam Karet (with Steve Roach)
1994 Cuneiform RUNE64 (CD)
1. Solar FlareMP3 
2. GondwanalandMP3 
3. The Anointing Of The SIckMP3 
4. The Day AfterMP3 
5. Foreign LesionMP3 
6. The 17th KarmapaMP3 
7. MooringsMP3 
8. Cliff SpiritsMP3 
9. SubmersionMP3 
10. Food ChainMP3 
11. Salt RoadMP3 
12. The Fearful VoidMP3 

4, 10, 12. with Steve Roach


CD out of stock
Forrest Fang (with Steve Roach)
1994 Cuneiform RUNE68 (CD)
1. The Bridge Of Chuan-Chou: I. Crossing The River  6:27 
2. The Bridge Of Chuan-Chou: II. The Dragon King's Advice  4:30 
3. The Bridge Of Chuan-Chou: III. Falling Stones (Kuan Yin)  4:28 
4. The Bridge Of Chuan-Chou: IV. An Offering Of Wood  6:03 
5. The Bridge Of Chuan-Chou: V. The Eight Immortals  9:15 
6. Ehecatl MP31:58 
7. Receiving The Approaching Spirit MP34:24 
8. The Healing Stick Of Cabaeza De Vaca   13:27 
9. Gender Lament MP33:46 
10. A Shaman In Pursuit Of Chabui's Image MP38:09 
11. Departure MP31:50 

8. with Steve Roach, Robert Rich

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