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Different Spaces

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Different Spaces
Erik Wøllo
2017 Projekt PRO338 (CD)

Different Spaces presents Erik's first 2-CD studio release, clocking in at 2 hours and 45 minutes. This release marks nine years since Steve introduced Erik's music to the Projekt label with the Stream of Thought collaboration. Projekt has gone on to support a long list of beautiful releases from Wøllo over this time, all consistent in quality, style and artistry. In this set, the Norwegian artist moves away from the stately themes and measured compositions of past releases and into a new place that feels lively and spontaneous. Shorter pieces and passages move through, as the title suggests, different spaces on this sonic travelogue. Marking 35 years as an artist-in-sound, Erik's influences and inspirations appear more on the sleeve in some of these pieces. Be it Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here, Steve Roach's Towards the Dream from DREAMTIME RETURN, and the pulsing sequencer weavings of Tangerine Dream and Euro electronic classics, the echoes of these and more are felt throughout the release. Wøllo's trademark guitar signature sound and graceful melodic touch remain a constant throughout.
Disc 1
1. Low Winter Sun (Introduction 1)MP34:46 
2. Points in TimeMP38:24 
3. SolarisMP36:40 
4. High PlainsMP38:08 
5. Church MountainMP34:39 
6. Similar WorldMP36:18 
7. Past ThemeMP35:38 
8. HydraMP38:01 
9. KaleidoscopeMP38:47 
10. Evening IslandMP36:05 
11. Memory SpaceMP36:53 
Disc 2
1. Mystical Sun (Introduction 2)MP35:10 
2. ChromaMP36:27 
3. Motion BlueMP35:43 
4. The MorphMP37:39 
5. RundreiseMP35:55 
6. Circle DreamMP34:46 
7. Pilgrim WayMP38:41 
8. Cascade FallsMP38:53 
9. Mirror LakeMP36:06 
10. AfterglowMP36:31 
11. ElysiumMP37:12 

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