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Star's End 2015

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Star's End 2015
Silent Currents 4

Erik Wøllo
2016 Projekt PRO335 (CD)

This electronic/ambient release is Erik Wøllo's 2015 live performance at the late-night Star's End radio show on WXPN in Philadelphia. This is a long-form, introspective 60-minute piece with thirteen sections of enigmatic textural components organically flowing into each other. Eschewing the melody and harmony found in Wøllo's studio work, STAR'S END 2015 is an intricate expression of ambience and this artist's potent skills at creating space and ever-expanding sound-universes.

The concept of the "Silent Currents" project showcases a different side of Erik Wøllo's sound. More abstract, quiet and minimal, it explores slow-motion structures, surreal soundscapes and floating currents. It's all live, all new material every time. This show was Erik's fourth Star's End performance; the previous three released on the double CD Silent Currents/Live at Star's End (2011), and Silent Currents 3 (2013).

The artist says, "I bring various sonic excerpts, loops and atmospheres and perform and compose these into long continuous sections all in real time. I think the interesting things happen below the surface where everything has a slow, suspended character. Like a deep river flowing unnoticed, motion happening in the undercurrents, or tidal water flowing in the opposite direction of the top flow. These ideas have been substantial in the composing of this music."

Mesmerizing parts stream seamlessly and morph into dreamlike episodes, evoking endless space with downtempo grooves, soaring guitars, spatial explorations and bubbly sequences all moving very slowly and imperceptibly, drifting from one zone to the other. The aspect of time grows more and more apparent. The compositions evolve and curl, criss-crossing among elongated morphic pulsations and occasional sparse percussion; Wøllo's trademark ebow soars above sequential movements with abstract chords alternating in succession.

On STAR'S END 2015 Wøllo descends into himself, realizing music completely in the moment. A truly subterranean sonic adventure!

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