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David Parsons
1991 Fortuna 18072 (CD)

David Parsons has long been fascinated by India and Tibet, two ancient worlds characterized by potent mythologies, mystical sacred sites, and sublime musical traditions. Over the years, this respected electronic composer has made numerous yatras (journeys, in Sanskrit) to India, experiencing the sites and sounds of this exotic land. Yatra is Parsons' first comprehensive attempt to log the essence of his Far Eastern adventures.

Unlike his highly successful 1989 release Himalaya, an artfully austere sonic ascent of the legendary mountain range, Yatra opens with a more earthy approach. The recording gently leads you through the Indian countryside, with its busy open air markets and joyful folk melodies, gradually moving to the ethereal realm of Tibet, a landscape imbued with secret ceremonies and hidden knowledge. Tapes recorded during a 1987 trip to the East merge with the Macintosh–manipulated samples of Indian instruments Parsons has collected over the years, to create a vivid sonic representation of the land and its people.

David Parsons fell in love with Indian music when he first heard Ravi Shankar play at a recital in New Zealand over two decades ago. Since then, Parsons has traveled to India many times, collecting instruments and insights along the way. Sitar lessons with Krishna Chakravarty, one of Shankar's disciples, led to a deeper understanding of Indian music. At the same time, Parsons began to develop his skills on synthesizer. He owns a large electronic recording studio in New Zealand and composes for radio, TV, and film.

Disc 1
1. Yatra 3:50 
2. Bengal VillageMP38:05 
3. The HimgiriMP35:43 
4. AssiMP35:37 
5. Varuna GhatMP37:26 
6. Adobe of Shiva 29:39 
Disc 2
1. Ram BhaktaMP35:05 
2. Earth MotherMP38:15 
3. Maha PujaMP321:53 
4. ManasorovarMP328:06 

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