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Between Here & There

CD out of stock
Between Here & There
Brian Parnham
2005 Floating Point Records (CD)

From the expansive atmospherics and rich textures to drones, didgeridoos and ethno-ambient inspired grooves, Brian Parnham creates a deep listening space to immerse the self and remove the awareness from the chaotic lifestyle that has become America.

Utilizing a variety of synthesizers, didgeridoos, percussion, programming and processing, Brian Parnham is an emerging contributor from the next generation of electronic composers, following in the footsteps of the pioneers of ambient electronic soundscapes.

"Brian Parnham first made contact with me when he was in his early 20's, around the time of my releases ORIGINS and ARTIFACTS. His affinity to the shamanic-desert spirit aspects of my music especially resonated with his own deep calling to create his finely crafted, evocative Southwest-inspired pieces -- not to mention the fine Agave digeridoos he creates which I use in concert and on recordings.

"Although he already released a debut CD, this release BETWEEN HERE & THERE should be considered an outstanding debut in the first order. The pieces were originally created in unison with images for a DVD of austere desert zones captured by his brother. This DVD will see a release in the near future, I am told.

"Brian shaped the pieces over the course of a few years, with some final tweaks in the Timeroom where I added some dusty harmonica in just the right places. Aficionados of the expansive, tribal-ambient sonic terrain will feel right at home between here and there." -- Steve Roach, May 1st 2005.
1. Tread to TrailMP33:03 
2. From Rush to RustMP37:18 
3. Here & GoneMP39:58 
4. Blaze to the CanyonsMP32:11 
5. Thru the CanyonsMP32:34 
6. OverlandMP32:12 
7. Arches & SpiresMP37:05 
8. Majestic ValleyMP39:24 
9. PropetteMP313:54 
10. Between Here & ThereMP39:29 

2, 9, 10. with Steve Roach

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