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The Complete Tibetan Bells

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Box Set out of stock
The Complete Tibetan Bells
Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings
2004 Celestial Harmonies 19917 (CD) – limited box set

In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the recording of the seminal deep meditation classic Tibetan Bells by Henry Wolff and Nancy Hennings (recorded 1971, issued 1972), Celestial Harmonies is offering for the first time ever all five Wolff and Hennings CD's as a complete limited edition set. In 1972 the world was listening to heavy, intense, high-energy music. In the midst of this rock explosion Chris Blackwell of Island Records released Tibetan Bells in the U.K. to critical acclaim. This release became one of the founding stones that built an international interest in sacred world cultures.
Disc 1: Tibetan Bells
1. Khumbu Ice-Fall  
2. Rainbow Light  
3. White Light  
4. From the Roof of the World You Can See Forever  
5. Wrathful Deity  
6. Clear Light  
7. A Choir of Bells  
Disc 2: Tibetan Bells II
1. Continuum Warp 2:14 
2. The Illusory Body 4:14 
3. Skybells I 2:42 
4. Shadows and Distances 3:16 
5. Skybells II 2:44 
6. The Silver Eye 4:29 
7. The Sword Behind the Buddha-Smile 2:10 
8. The Seven Sounds of Dissolution 3:39 
9. Leaving the Body 7:34 
10. Astral Plane 5:22 
11. Through the Void 12:03 
Disc 3: Tibetan Bells III: The Empty Mirror
1. Crossing the Line 11:24 
2. Spacelights 2:27 
3. Adrift 4:45 
4. Starfires 3:15 
5. Ascension of the Subtle Body 3:49 
6. The Empty Mirror 26:00 
Disc 4: Yamantaka
1. The Revolving Mask of Yamantaka 16:35 
2. Yamantaka 18:58 
3. Towards the Bending of the Light 3:01 
4. Solar Winds 5:24 
5. Field of Souls 7:31 
Disc 5: Tibetan Bells IV: The Bells of Sh'ang Sh'ung
1. Time Ice 3:04 
2. Blue Sheep 2:53 
3. Track of the Yeti 4:01 
4. Cliffs of Crystal, Cliffs of Ice 2:56 
5. Snowblind 5:13 
6. Blackwind 1:37 
7. Altitude 27,000 5:20 
8. Through the Ice 1:04 
9. Herald of Sh'ang Sh'ung 1:58 
10. In the Valley of Sh'ang Sh'ung 2:44 
11. Transmigration I 4:26 
12. Serenade 7:43 
13. Transmigration II 6:00 
14. Gates of Sh'ang Sh'ung 5:19 

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