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Welcome to our online store! Thanks for your direct support, which enables the continued growth of uncompromised music. Steve will autograph his CD's by request, at no extra charge (subject to availability). All items shown are in-stock, and ship directly from Steve's house in the Sonoran desert. We accept major credit cards, PayPal, personal checks, and more; see the Policies & Shipping page for details and shipping rates.
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Transient Broadcasts

CD out of stock
Transient Broadcasts
Within Reason
2013 Anodize AD1301 (CD)

Within Reason, aka longtime aural mystifier Gregory Kyryluk, forges a bond between 70's Euro space fantasias, the skanking digital substreams of Basic Channel, and contemporary slo-mo rhythmic auteurs such as Bvdub, Vladislav Delay, and Wolfgang Voigt's Gas project. Within Reason's prior Periphery release, SUBTLE SHIFT, found Kyryluk transcending historical genre constraints in the service of fomenting something other than a twist on accepted modes. TRANSIENT BROADCASTS codifies his previous recording's sultry velvet groove and logically progresses forward, auguring a headspace of sumptuous dynamics amidst its rippling digital environs.

1. Assign EmotionMP38:23 
2. Soul PillowMP38:09 
3. CorrelateMP39:40 
4. Amorphic DesignMP36:28 
5. Morke 9:45 
6. DiaphanousMP37:21 
7. Sunrise EkkoMP37:35 
8. Contemplate.dreamMP39:12 

Limited collectors' art edition housed in a lustrous, hinged rectangular tin containing two-panel insert.

Subtle Shift

magnify magnify
CD out of stock
Subtle Shift
Within Reason
2012 Periphery OTP4012 (CD)

Launched in 2011 by i/e and e/i magazine founder, music historian, writer, and sound artist Darren Bergstein, the mandate informing the electronic music label Periphery is that it has no definitive mandate. Housed in burnished silver circular tins, all Periphery issues are limited-edition artworks marrying the ephemeral with the tactile in equal measure, featuring artists who mine the deep seams nestled between electronic music's eclectic styles.

1. Subtle Shift 8:40 
2. Memory Filament 6:56 
3. Bodhi 8:39 
4. Grey Area 10:58 
5. Carbon Interface 6:40 
6. Nimbus 9:21 
7. Liquid Language 8:31 
8. Deeper Below 7:49 

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