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December 9, 2012

New Release Update...

Tales From The Ultra Tribe is here, and Soul Tones is set to arrive from the factory on Friday the 14th. There was a short delay at the factory due to the rush on end-of-year projects at the plant. We will be working all weekend to have your pre-orders in the mail Monday and Tuesday the 17th and 18th. Many thanks for the pre-orders and support of independent hand-crafted music. By purchasing the CD, you are holding a direct copy of the master in your hand and giving yourself the full range of options for optimal resolution on your mobile device of choice.

Soul Tones

 Soul Tones
 Steve Roach
 Timeroom Editions

Steve Roach's artistic medium is sound. Every true artist finds their original voice in their tone. Through Steve's innate sense of rich tonal color and complex harmonic creation comes his unique signature voice.

From the inside-outwards, this quality is his inherent soul tone. Over the span of several decades the tone has evolved and yet feels connected to a constant source. This sonic genesis is one of the original promises of electronic music in Steve's hands. It is fully alive and present on all of his releases. His signature voice is one of creating hand-made sounds from which the music emerges. Soul Tones is an evolving expression of expansive breath. Rich color blends into into dark space. Massive sheets of harmonic meditations filter down to the edge of silence. Like a visual painter, Steve chooses his musical spaces as his canvas and blends his sounds -- his paints -- to connect to a higher need.

Soul Tones is the wing of the gallery where pieces like A Deeper Silence, Afterlight, and "Piece of Infinity" would be found. Like all of his long-form pieces, Steve lives the music, playing it and listening to it many hours of the day and night, shaping it into its mercurial form over months or even longer.

This release is the first of a three CD series, each disc arriving about four months apart. This offers a different perspective: inner-connected pieces with space and time between each. It encourages full absorption by the listener. Flow States is the second part of the series and is scheduled to be released on Projekt in the spring of 2013. The third part will be released a few months later.

Tales From the Ultra Tribe

 Tales From the Ultra Tribe
 Steve Roach & Byron Metcalf

After two years pushing the creative edges, Tales From The Ultra Tribe emerges as a fire-breathing life form. The deep trance-shamanic-atmospheric collaboration between Steve Roach and Byron Metcalf evokes the primordial caverns and aeon-blasted landscapes of their groundbreaking The Serpent's Lair.

And yet on Tales From the Ultra Tribe, a new sound emerges.

It's a lucid trance-groove experience, a searing combination of acoustic percussion and hyper-dimensional electronic rhythms. The Ultra Tribe are the future primitives: the future-tech foundation wrapped by the organic. It's no longer clear where the human ends and the machine begins.

The elements of this sound are Steve's complex hybrid-grooves overlaid by Byron's primal, fluid and organic -- yet precise -- frame drums and percussion. It's an atmosphere of shifting soundworlds in which the forms of the Ultra Tribe exist. An alchemy of electronic sequencers, drum machines and percussion locks in the groove, while the human element jumps in and out of the steady pulse, giving the music a passionate intensity. The elements are deftly shaped to a point of complete integration where the final result is transformed into a living breathing body with an electro-organic soul.

As one of the original architects of the tribal-ambient genre, Steve Roach's innovations are mapped out on the landmark albums Origins, Artifacts, and Dreamtime Return, along with releases from the Suspended Memories trio and the more recent Fever Dreams series. Similarly, Byron Metcalf's tribal-shamanic albums Helpers, Guides & Allies, Not Without Risk, The Shaman's Heart, and A Warning From the Elders serve as a benchmark for deep journey exploration. In the late 90's, Steve teamed up with Byron, and over the span of a dozen years they've created an array of releases that explore and push the outer edges of shamanic-electronic tribalism.

The eight pieces on Tales From the Ultra Tribe are built into a seamless 74-minute deep-journey experience. Adding to the overall impact is a high resolution sound achieved through masterful recording and mixing techniques. With a multi-dimensional trance-groove trajectory, the sound is a tribal-electronic well of experience. A continuous kaleidoscope of visionary power, mystery and visceral awe envelops the listener. The synergistic alchemy of Steve's and Byron's work fuses to new levels of audio-induced, mind-expanding music.

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