Steve Roach Newsletter: SOUL TONES and TALES FROM THE ULTRA TRIBE, pre-order now
November 18, 2012

Greetings Soundcurrent friends,

Many thanks for your direct support of the music's creation by choosing to shop at the store and downloading from online retailers. In today's changing landscape, your direct orders are vital in supporting self-contained independent artists. Along with Steve's catalog, we are dedicated to bringing together the creme of the crop of select ambient and new music titles. As more sources for music that lives between the cracks falls to the wayside, you can rely on to deliver new and classic titles that have shaped the genre, as well as current releases that map new worlds in this sonic universe we love to inhabit.

Newsletter overview:
  • Up first, a new deep ambient release from Steve. Soul Tones was just completed and is at the factory along with a new collaboration with Byron Metcalf, Tales From the Ultra Tribe. We will have both in-stock by mid-December. Pre-orders are now being taken, so we can ship as soon as they arrive, in time for the holidays.
  • Immersion Station II - A fantastic new interactive app for your iPhone
  • Announcing high-resolution uncompressed downloads, starting with Structures From Silence
  • The Shaman's Heart Workshop with Steve Roach and Byron Metcalf
  • Ambicon 2013
  • Fall Combo Pack special

Soul Tones

 Soul Tones
 Steve Roach
 Timeroom Editions

Soul Tones is a new long-form soundworld Steve has been living with at all hours of the day and night, shaping it into its mercurial form for past six months. The mood merges perfectly into the shifting of the seasons; a sense of the quiet light and cool-temperate atmospheres is just a part of this soundworld. This release is the first of a 3-CD series, with each disc coming about three months apart. Rather than have it presented as one triple CD set, this mode offers a different perspective, presenting the connected pieces with space and time to become fully saturated with each phase of release. Flow States, the second part, will be released on Projekt in the Spring, in time for the Ambicon festival, and the third part in Summer.

Immersion Station II

The Immersion Station app received rave reviews from users worldwide. We are excited to announce the release of Immersion Station II, bringing you infinite ambient music created from the soundworlds of ambient music pioneer Steve Roach. In this second version of Immersion Station, Steve draws from his recent atmospherics heard on the release Back to Life. Immersion Station II also makes use of the most recent Immersion Station, which includes support for iPhone 5, AirPlay and sharing via Twitter.

Immersion Station is an elegant interactive sound immersion tool. Create infinite mix combinations from five different loops of varied lengths for endless playback. These sounds have been extracted from the heart of Steve Roach's soundworlds and carefully chosen for a congruent relationship allowing the user to sculpt constantly changing ambient music.

The Immersion Station interface and application, created by Software Artist Eric Freeman (working closely with Steve), allows you to mix loops using a simple, intuitive, interactive and organic interface that is reflective of Steve's work. You can visit for a complete demonstration.

High Resolution Downloads

After many requests, we are finally starting to present select titles as uncompressed (lossless) downloads. Choose your format: MP3 320, FLAC, Apple Lossless, and more. Structures From Silence is the first title up, with more to follow soon, including the brand-new Tales From the Ultra Tribe. Then again, with a traditional CD in-hand, you'll have a copy of the master for any conversion rate you desire.


Hearts Of Space 30th & 40th Anniversary Celebration
May 3-4-5, 2013

Advance discount tickets are now on-sale. More info at

The Shaman's Heart Workshop: Inner Explorations with Music & Sound

Steve and Byron are planning a three-day experiential workshop event in Southern Arizona, late Spring. Date and registration details will be announced soon. The space will support only a limited number of participants.

Combo Pack Special

Music that especially captures the mood of the Fall season. If you missed these upon first issue, this is a great offer to experience two extraordinary releases. For Thanksgiving week, we are offering these two releases together at a special Combo Pack discount.

Immersion Five - Circadian Rhythms

 Immersion Five - Circadian Rhythms
 Steve Roach

The Immersion series takes a compelling turn, moving towards a new perspective on Steve's Immersion experience. Disc one, "Circadian Rhythms" explores a sensual flow of harmonic suspension and sparse melodic mantra-like patterns hovering over rhythmic spaces and mercurial zones. Opening up within an organic analog modular garden of sound, a pulsing undulating groove spiral emerges, creating a suspended sensation of constant flow while hovering in the now. "Circadian Rhythms" moves through a continuous 73-minute flow in three phases.

Disc two, "Shroud of Night" was created from a blend of Steve's unique textural electric guitar and harmonic synth alchemy. The strands of emotion contained within this long-form atmosphere take on a feeling of clouds illuminated by full moonlight wafting into the deep hours of the night. This is a place of pure immersion and sonic warmth. Tested on infinite-repeat mode for over a year throughout all times of the day, into the night and beyond. Immerse thyself, once again.

Sigh of Ages

 Sigh of Ages
 Steve Roach

Emotions quietly stir and resonate in this deeply self-reflective album exploring the terrain between melodic electronic/ambient and modern minimalism. These six pieces utilize gentle melody, harmony and sonic tonality to poignantly reflect upon the passage of time, life lived, lives passed and a time of renewal: a sigh of the ages expressed in sound.

Sigh of Ages is the result of extended periods of solitude and personal reflection for acclaimed composer Roach. Resulting directly from dynamic personal and cultural events, these pieces developed over time and in the moment. After 10 months of early morning and late night sonic meditations, Roach collected these various pieces and found they portrayed a poetic theme of sonic interpretations from this experience. Sculpted and refined in the artist's deft hands, the source material of life itself took on a voice that spoke from a deep emotional well of subtle contemplation. A sacred realm of inner reflection.

"The title came to me as I was creating the pieces," Roach recalls. "Titles always seem to emerge through the hours of working on the music combined with the place the sound takes me. What emerged was the sense of what it feels like to release a big sigh after a challenging time or a long run in life. A poignant sense of nostalgia and longing, breathing a collective sigh of release which carries forth into psychological and spiritual space. That is where the music and eventually the title grew from."

As the music neared completion, a specific image continued to appear in my mind's eye while listening to and fine-tuning the master. I remembered the evocative photographic work of Star's End Host and The Gatherings concert series founder Chuck Van Zyl. I soon found the image I was seeing in Chuck's gallery portfolio. It felt like a case of remote viewing; the cover image was a perfect connection to my imagination. Nothing else could match the non-verbal perfection this image held with the feeling this music reaches towards.

Sigh of Ages taps into a lineage of signpost releases starting with the '80s melodic era of Structures From Silence and Quiet Music up through the textural tour de force of 2003's Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces and 2009's Dynamic Stillness. For this journey, Roach drew on his essential collection of beloved analog synthesizers including a classic 40-year-old Arp String Ensemble, a historic polyphonic synthesizer that breathes life into the track "Morning of Ages," swirling and rolling upon itself like the strong currents of a rushing mountain river. "The View from Here" unfolds in a stately motion on a majestic sequenced pulse with voluminous melodic synthesizer clouds unfolding along the horizon. This alchemy of sounds creates a deeply nuanced album filled with shadow and light, unique within the language of Roach's soundworlds.

While the passage of time and expansive breath is an ongoing theme for Roach, the reflections and perceptions expressed on Sigh of Ages delves into a contrasted intimate space only accessed in times of solitude. It is the deeply-layered, subtley-nuanced emotional language which is the ongoing, unseen undercurrent of our lives.

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