Steve Roach Update: The Shifting Soundcurrents of Fall
October 21, 2012

The latest news from, lots of it!
  • Tales From the Ultra Tribe
  • Ambicon — Hearts of Space festival featuring Steve Roach and others, May 2013
  • New Immersion Station app coming
  • Mix Magazine online feature

Tales From the Ultra Tribe

 Tales From the Ultra Tribe
 Steve Roach & Byron Metcalf

After two years tending the fire, Tales From the Ultra Tribe, the first chapter in a new book of altered sonic states, is complete. The deep trance-shamanic-atmospheric collaboration with Steve Roach and Byron Metcalf is finished and off to the plant. We will have it ready to ship early December.

As one the original architects of the Tribal-Ambient genre, Steve Roach's innovations are mapped out on the landmark albums Origins, Artifacts, and Dreamtime Return, along with releases from the Suspended Memories trio and the more recent Fever Dreams series, to name a few.

In the late 90's, Steve teamed up with shamanic percussionist Byron Metcalf, and over the the span of a dozen years they have continued to create an array of releases that have explored and pushed the outer edges of Shamanic-Electronic tribalism. Their two-CD collaboration The Serpent's Lair stands as a benchmark in the progression within their work up to now.

Tales from The Ultra Tribe presents a new sound emerging from the duo. The primal elements of this sound are centered on the blending of Steve's complex electro-acoustic processed bass rhythms, grooves and loops combined with Byron's laser beam focus on frame drums and various percussion. Steve's mercurial soundworlds become the shapeshifting tapestry for the ultra trance forms to exist within. All of these elements are deftly mixed to a point of complete integration where lines between electric and acoustic are transformed into a living breathing body with a electro organic soul.

Immersion Station 2

The first Immersion Station iPhone app was released to rave reviews, and now a new edition is coming. Beta testing is complete, and it's been submitted to Apple. We will let you know as soon as it's ready for download.

New features include:
  • Updated and expanded for the iPhone 5
  • New graphics from Steve's Back to Life album cover
  • 40+ minutes of new audio
  • Support for Apple's AirPlay, allowing you to stream your Immersion Station to any AirPlay device
  • Share your mixes with others through Twitter
Also look for a software update to the original Immersion Station app in the near future adding these new features.

Mix Magazine Profile

Mix online has a new profile and interview with Steve, talking about his creative process and his love of the hands-on analog approach to his art.


Hearts Of Space 30th & 40th Anniversary Celebration
May 3-4-5, 2013

The Hearts of Space radio program was born in 1973 at KPFA-FM in Berkeley. They began national syndication 10 years later in 1983. So 2013 is a year of milestones -- in addition to the decade anniversaries, they will be passing program #1,000 in the HOS series!

They're celebrating with a rare and special live event at the Embassy Suites Hotel and Conference Center near their home base in San Rafael, California, 13 miles north of San Francisco.

AMBICON 2013 is a weekend conference hosted by Hearts of Space producer Stephen Hill, organized around four live surround-sound concerts featuring eight core Hearts of Space artists: David Darling, Stephan Micus, Jeff Pearce, Robert Rich, Steve Roach, Michael Stearns, Stellamara, and Tim Story. We'll also have interviews and Q&A sessions, along with special low room rates and shuttle service for conference attendees. A limited number of tickets for the individual concerts may be available the month before the event.

Conference registration includes all concerts and sessions, opening reception, coffee service, and lunch Saturday and Sunday. Continental breakfast is included in the room rate for hotel guests.

Join us to celebrate 40 years of sublime ambient music. Meet the artists, fellow listeners, and the Hearts of Space staff — Leyla Hill, Joseph Jacobs, Steve Davis and Sheila Gerzoff. Tickets are on sale now.

October spotlight titles on sale

On sale this month are two essential titles you might have missed along the way. Save even more when you buy them together as a Combo Pack!

Texture Maps

 Texture Maps
 Steve Roach

This purely atmospheric set maps the shift from the tonal serenity found on Steve's earlier work towards the harmonically rich, complex and contrasted soundworlds of late. The centerpiece of Texture Maps is a pivotal 20-minute piece recorded the same week as "Looking for Safety" from Dreamtime Return titled "Grey and Purple", it's a genuine lost piece from 1987 that foreshadows Steve's sonic evolution as later realized on The Magnificent Void and ultimately Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces. The interconnected flow of atmospheric based pieces make Texture Maps an essential compendium of deep textural ambient

"Texture Maps is a fantastic journey through space suggesting the birth and death of stars, the dawn and dusk of life, and a thousand other secrets that have yet to be shared. A fantastic work of space music sure to appeal to all fans of the genre." — Rik Maclean, Ping Things


 Steve Roach

Landmass is a surreal shape shifting grand adventure in sound, morphing through a constantly altering perspective giving witness to the creation of iconic landscape formations, stone monuments and massive alluvial desert plains, and the occasional pyroclastic flow. This adventure in sound reaches into the primal forces of nature and channels them into a work of nearly uncontained energy, momentum and deeply nuanced texture. Even the most massive non-rhythmic soundforms seem to be shifting and moving from the inside out, eventually giving birth to undulating rhythmic ecstasy. A stand-out release in a style defined by Roach. Presented in a beautiful six-panel Digipak.

"Landmass is a quintessential compendium of [Steve's] recent activities, spanning a bridge from his 'infinite and minimal' zones to his grand-scale projects in between rhythmic trance and immersive Ambient drift. In many ways, it appears to be a continuation of a confident new style, making use of a diverse palette of timbres, tools and techniques. Percussive particles keep turning up even in the outstretched beatless passages, lending a constant additional tension and propulsion to the already viral visions. Tracks could explode at any minute. Roach is no longer building landscapes from sound, he is recording 'sounding' landscapes built on the most essential building blocks: rhythm and harmony. In this sense, Landmass continues the only tradition an honest artist can and should really be true to: his own." -- Tobias Fischer, Tokafi

New and recent releases

Happy Gods

 Happy Gods

After their well received debut Of Microcosmic Origins, enigmatic electroacoustic duo Groupthink return with a dynamic follow-up, a somewhat more "rhythmic" collection of tracks than its predecessor, teeming with their signature event horizons and murmuring sonic blooms.

Eolian Reflections

 Eolian Reflections
 Alpha Wave Movement

Periphery is very pleased to present the new Alpha Wave Movement album Eolian Reflections, a stunning slice of contemporary ambient music that draws from the wellspring of Steve Roach, early Robert Rich, Brian Eno, et al, but with its own characteristic flavor and aesthetic. A longtime yet under-recognized figure on the electronic scene, Gregory Kyryluk continues his long-standing tradition of knocking genre straw men down, taking traditional musical forms and spinning his own adjunct sound designs outward, whether it's his unique take on ambient dub-techno as Within Reason, or the myriad timeswept sensations of AWM.

The Deception of Reality

 The Deception of Reality

Numina is the recording entity of Denver-based solo synth artist Jesse Sola. He has been creating a steady chain of releases steeped in the textural-deep space side of ambient for quite a while. This release is a standout in his already impressive catalog, and we are happy to offer his music on this release for the first time at

The Waiting Room

 The Waiting Room
 Ukab Maerd

Ukab Maerd translates as a hyper-creative progressive ambient audio trip generated by synth and percussion maven Chuck Oken, Jr. and longtime collaborator multi-instrumentalist Gayle Elliot. This might be the music playing while in The Waiting Room for an appointment with agents of destiny in some future edition of the Matrix film series. Moods and unresolved states shift and dissolve in a continuous cloud burst of serene to scintillating mind states. The power of this music comes from the live interaction captured in the studio as foundation tracks. Guest artist Richard Pinhas, founder of the legendary French electronic group Heldon, is featured on three tracks.

"Chuck Oken Jr. and Gayle Ellett present an impressive album of electronic explorations that feature a huge array of synths. Much of it was recorded live, with additional overdubs and loops from French guitarist Richard Pinhas added later." — Electronic Musician Magazine

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