Steve Roach Update: The Afterlight is Coming
September 3, 2012

Greetings Soundcurrent friends,

As long-time guests of know, every so often we offer free CD's as a thanks for your direct support. Starting now through Sunday September 9th, we're including a free copy of Steve's 2009 Afterlight on Timeroom Editions, a perfect release to merge with the shifting light and weather changes as Summer begins to recede.

For orders to U.S. addresses, we'll automatically include a free copy of Afterlight with any order of 1 CD or more. For orders outside the U.S., order 2 or more CD's to qualify. Don't add Afterlight to your shopping cart, it will be included when we prepare your shipment.
After the stillness comes the Afterlight. Created in the Spring of 2009, in the afterglow of Dynamic Stillness, this long-form piece delivers the listener deep inside a multi-dimensional realm of forming clouds, an endless expanse with no boundaries or sense of temporal limits. Amorphous strands of harmonic lumina emerge and recede in a constant unfolding and reconfiguring state for the duration of this pure atmospheric suspension. This piece, along with its two companion releases Destination Beyond and Immersion: Four were created over the the same time period, and all share a common sense of breath, interconnection and pursuit of timelessness. Refined over several months, the piece was kept in constant low-volume playback during sleep, rest and times of reflection. The ongoing experience of living with the piece, and shaping it before its release into the world, has become a vital part of Steve's immersion process, going back to 1984's Structures From Silence.

New Releases

A few great new releases were just added to our online store, including The Deception of Reality by Numina and a new Eric Wøllo studio release Airborne. Also be sure to visit the Other Artists and Kindred Spirits section of the store to check out the other new adds.

iTunes Adds

The complete edition of Stormwarning and Pure Flow are now available from the iTunes Music Store.

In The Works

Steve is currently mixing and adding final touches to a new collaboration with Byron Metcalf, Tales From the Ultra Tribe. He's also working on a new solo work from the deeper end of the mystic pool; Steve has been living, breathing and birthing this into form during the past year. This is shaping up for a late 2012 release. More on this soon.

Many thanks for your ongoing feedback and support of the music's creation.

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