Steve Roach Midsummer Update: Layers in Time
July 24, 2012

Greetings, soundcurrent friends. Lots of news, please read on... and a special announcement at the bottom!


 Radiant Mind
 produced by Steve Roach

Sense is the debut release by US artist Radiant Mind. Steve Roach helped nurture this release into being with production and sonic contributions. Radiant Mind's first offering delivers a warm and inspiring soundworld experience. While this is the first release from Radiant Mind, the artist has been creating electronic music for many years, choosing to create away from the public platform.

A kaleidoscopic quality to the pieces reveals a stellar inner-space music offset by fluttering cyber beats and strangely unfurling atmospherics. Shadows of historic German electronic music and American EM pioneers are present, while the overall sound is right now.

A Produce

Many of you know that highly-regarded veteran ambient artist A Produce passed away in 2011. We are offering three standout releases that represent some of his fine work. We received these in limited amounts directly from his family, and they're being offered while supply lasts.

Inscape & Landscape

Reflect Like a Mirror, Respond Like an Echo

White Sands


 Steve Roach
 2012 Projekt Digipak edition, on-sale!
Projekt has just re-released the monumental live in-concert Stormwarning. This release presents perhaps the most intense set of live sequencer music you will experience. Using all analog hardware gear, with what amounted to an entire studio setup on stage, the focus, development of the pieces and the power of the sound is unmatched.

Stormwarning takes you to the outer edges of Steve Roach's music where he engages in a driving high-energy sound first explored on albums Empetus, and Now / Traveler. In the live performances of Stormwarning, Roach unlocks the synchronous perfection of sequencers, creating elaborate, interlocking patterns that weave into infinite, Escher-like designs, set against Roach's skyscraping synthesizer fury.

This version includes "Day Three", a 21 minute sequencer piece which was recorded on Steve's first tour of Germany, and definitely feels like a missing piece to the puzzle in terms of its musical content and energy. Those who love the high-energy dramatic sequencer era of Steve's work will love this edition at over 70 minutes total playing time.

Late breaking news!!!

HEARTS OF SPACE 30th & 40th ANNIVERSARIES: AMBICON 2013, MAY 3-4-5, 2013

HOS was born in 1973 at KPFA-FM in Berkeley. They went national 10 years later in 1983. They're celebrating with a rare and special live event at the Embassy Suitees Hotel and Conference Center in San Rafael, California. It's a conference built around 4 concerts by 8 core Hearts of Space artists including DAVID DARLING, ROBERT RICH, STEVE ROACH, MICHAEL STEARNS, TIM STORY, and more to be announced.

As we sign off, Steve is currently mixing the upcoming new release with Byron Metcalf, hatching forth like a egg from The Serpent's Lair. Tales From the Ultra Tribe will be released later this year.

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