Steve Roach Update: Deep Currents Rising
April 29, 2012

Greetings soundcurrent friends,

Lots of news! The Soundworlds at are in full bloom!
Day Out of Time

 Day Out of Time / Time of the Earth
 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

 Steve Roach
 DVD & CD combo, specially-priced

Elegantly repackaged for its 10th anniversary, Day Out of Time (Deluxe Edition) includes a special value-added DVD: Steve Lazur's film Time of the Earth: A Desert Dreamtime Journey. For the first time, the film and its CD soundtrack are presented in one cohesive package. As an added bonus, The Dream Circle is included as an alternate audio track on the DVD.

The power of the desert has been a core inspiration of Roach's work, and this release presents a compendium of tracks recorded at the zenith of of these expressions. As a comprehensive overview of Steve's influential tribal-ambient and desert-ambient soundworlds, Day Out of Time weaves together classic tracks along with out-of-print and hard-to-find pieces.

In the midst of a deeply stratified soundscapes, dynamic earthbound tribal percussion passages rise up from the landscape under the shadows of billowing, glass-bottomed clouds. Part tribal, part haunting drifts, and purely time suspending, the release is essential Steve Roach. Like the stone monuments and forever vistas that inspired the music, this release majestically stands up to the test of time. It sounds as if it emanates from deep desert canyons in a realm from the near future or ancient past; visceral soundworlds from vast desert vistas, jagged peaks, and iconic stone pinnacles carved by wind, sand, and water into fantastic alien sculptures.

Coming Soon
  • Low Volume Music — Steve Roach & Dirk Serries

    We are excited to announce an upcoming release just completed after four months, filed under Top Secret since the beginning. After a 10-year hiatus, Steve Roach and Dirk Serries (formerly recording as Vidna Obmana) have emerged with a beautiful release that could only occur after years of pushing the boundaries of the ambient music art form through many recordings and international concerts together, then respectfully stepping away from collaborations until the time felt right to reconnect. That time is now.

    The result is titled Low Volume Music, a united philosophy between both artists that compelled them to explore the purest, most essential and harmonic nuanced expression they have realized thus far. Drawing from two main sources, synths and guitars, Steve Roach and Dirk Serries create a musical world that is clearly their own, infusing their new music with spontaneity and comfort, displaying a vision solely dedicated to harmony and the integrity of pure beauty. Low Volume Music deliberately departs from their past 'pushing the boundaries' modus operandi, reaching towards a sublime and nuanced moment in sound. This is perhaps the duo's most personal collaboration to date.

  • Tales From the Ultra Tribe — Steve Roach & Byron Metcalf

    The evolution of the new collaboration with Byron is currently in the mixing stage. As this release continues to evolve into powerful new places, its release date has moved to late summer.

  • The Long Night — Steve Roach & Kelly David

    Yet another collaboration, in a state of becoming for a while, is approaching completion for release later this year. The Long Night is a textural deep-of-night drone zone collaboration between Steve Roach and Kelly David.

Works in Progress...

Amongst all these projects, Steve is working steadily on two solo projects for the Fall and Winter. The directions are vast. More on these as they develop...

Another very cool upcoming release is by a recording entity called Radiant Mind. It's coming soon on the new boutique label Periphery, launched in 2011 by i/e and e/i magazine founder, music historian, writer, and sound artist Darren Bergstein. The mandate informing Periphery is that it has no definitive mandate. Housed in burnished silver circular tins, all Periphery issues are limited-edition artworks marrying the ephemeral with the tactile in equal measure, featuring artists who mine the deep seams nestled between electronic music's eclectic styles.

The Radiant Mind project Sense was arranged and mixed by Steve in collaboration with the artist, and is the result of a few years of recording and gathering the pieces. More on this soon.

New Releases and New Editions

We are down to the last of the signed and numbered Back to Life Box Sets. Don't miss out!

As part of a move toward stocking a diverse range of new music on CD, we are excited to announce a large influx of great new selected titles from various artists, both new and familiar:

See None, Hear None, Speak None

See None, Hear None, Speak None
Brian Parnham

Outstanding new solo work of vast proportions that hits all the right nerve endings.

Forrest Fang

Stalwart composer creates an atmosphere soaked in acoustic instruments and electronics boiled together into a lush soundscape.
Of Microcosmic Origins

Of Microcosmic Origins

Ambient-electronic probing into the wonderworld of the creative present moment.
Subtle Shift

Subtle Shift
Within Reason

Alpha Wave Movement alter ego project serves up muted pulsing beats-bass, flowing zones and minimal chords in this tasty Groove Salad style release.

Thomas Ronkin

Unsung synth artist from the 80's-90's Southern California EM scene serves up a time slice of classic Euro-Schulze inspired pieces recorded in the mid-80's. Thomas and Steve's collaboration is featured on disc two of the 2008 Empetus re-release. Order both together as a specially-priced Combo Pack.
Dream Theory in the IE

Dream Theory in the IE
Henderson / Oken

Progressive Ambient is here! Exciting mind-food cooked up by two long-time band mates from Djam Karet. Centered around live interaction using a wide range of synths, electronic percussion, looping, guitar textures and processing, the music is all about the spirit of discovery in sound.
Traces / Images of Light / Solstice

Traces / Images of Light / Solstice
Erik Wøllo

This top-selling 3-pack signed and numbered limited edition is back in stock.

Finally, appearing soon on the horizon, two new releases mastered by Steve: Slow Dream by Loren Nerell, and a new release from Resonant Drift.

Thank you for supporting independent artists and music.

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