Steve Roach Mid-Summer Nights Soundworlds
July 10, 2011

Greetings Soundcurrent friends,

It's been a while since the last newsletter. I have been ensconced in The Timeroom working on several projects. It's time to share the news about what's coming this year, including new releases and a few select classics brought to new life.

First off... mid-Summer sale and free CD offer!

Our monsoon rains are now here in Southern Arizona. The atmosphere is thick and fragrant; the nights are sensual. To celebrate this vibrant part of the season, we are offering a sale on several titles which fit the season, and as a gift of appreciation we'll include a free CD if you order in the next four days.

Any order of two CD's or more will include a free copy of Afterlight, the ultra-atmospheric release expressing a diaphanous array of shifting light and shadow, perfect for summer night activities. This special is good thru Thursday July 14, midnight Arizona time. Don't add it to your cart; we will add it to your shipment.

Several titles are on sale, including Fever Dreams II and Fever Dreams III, Slow Heat, and The Dream Circle. See our online store for more.

New music...

Quiet Music: The Original 3-Hour Collection

 Quiet Music
 The Original 3-Hour Collection

 Steve Roach
 Projekt / triple-Digipak
 late Summer

This has been in the queue for a few years, and at last it's coming soon!

For the first time ever, the complete meditative, ambient minimlism of the Quiet Music series will be available in a triple-CD Digipak presentation. Nearly 45 minutes of music, not heard since the original cassette version, completes this legacy release. Originally released in the mid-80's on cassette and later in a truncated 2-CD edition, Quiet Music: The Original 3-Hour Collection presents this landmark work as Roach envisioned it.

Silent Currents

 Silent Currents: Live at Star's End
 Erik Wøllo
 coming in September

Erik Wøllo will have a new 2-CD solo release available thru in early September. Silent Currents showcases a different side of Erik Wøllo's sound. Here he explores fascinating electronic / ambient landscapes with slow-motion structures, surreal soundscapes and floating currents. Drawn from two separate live radio broadcasts, 104 minutes of music traverse a more ambient, atmospheric and textural side than experienced on his other albums. Recorded in the studio of the famous Star's End radio show in Philadelphia, these performances from 2002 and 2007 are each a disc-long continuous piece with several chapters. With more focus on the deep drones than on melody and rhythm, zones drift and morph, organically flowing into each other. Layers of electronics and processed sound combine with light touches of electric guitar melody floating on top. Quiet, sparse and gentle electronic music with ambient passages mix with occasions of sequencer pulses.

Back to Life — Steve Roach — Fall 2011

This project is currently in the creation phase. The music is taking a wonderful shape, like a touchstone moment, a coming home to a quiet center. It's a pure solo project made of interconnecting pieces expressing the ineffable states of subtle awareness throughout an ordinary day filled with non-ordinary moments of lasting epiphanies, transformed into the soundworlds unique to Steve's creations.

Journey of One — Steve Roach — Fall 2011

In the 1990's phase of Steve's work, the evolution of what is refered to as the tribal-ambient period was in full bloom. With a flurry of solo releases and collaborations with Jorge Reyes, Suspended Memories, Vidna Obmana, Robert Rich and others, this was a vital time of innovation for Steve. Journey of One reaches into this era and pulls out a stunning live solo concert from 1996 in Sacramento, California.

This double CD plays like the genesis of the tribal-ambient sound as it was unfolding. Resonations from On This Planet, Suspended Memories, and Origins are woven in and conjured up along with new pieces that were only heard that night, and not heard again 'til now. A powerful document from a pivotal time.

Tales From the Ultra Tribe (working title) — Steve Roach & Byron Metcalf — late 2011

Imagine a dragon's egg has hatched in The Serpent's Lair. This is the direction of an all new release in the spirit of Steve and Byron's first tribal tour-de-force collaboration in 2000.

Immersion Six — Steve Roach — December 2011

Deep, low and slow... more on this later.

Now — Steve Roach

Steve's debut release from 1982 is being re-released on vinyl LP on the Belgian label Forced Nostalgia. This is in production now, and will be available later in the year. At we will have a limited number of copies, all autographed.

Many thanks for continuing to support the music's creation by purchasing from, iTunes, and other official sources.

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