Steve Roach Update: Free CD!
December 12, 2010

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Announcing our big New Year's Sale and free CD offer! We have many titles now on sale. Please visit to see these special offers.

Space and Time

 Free CD offer!
 Space and Time: An Introduction to the Soundworlds of Steve Roach
Purchase any CD between today and Saturday December 18th, and a copy of the Steve Roach compilation SPACE AND TIME will be included for free. This CD makes a great gift idea to pass along, or to keep in your collection for when you want a perfect flow between the many spaces found in Steve's music. This offer is valid for both U.S. and international orders.

SPACE AND TIME offers a unique overview of the nearly 20 years of groundbreaking recordings from ambient pioneer Steve Roach. Excerpting tracks from 13 Projekt CD's, Roach hand-selected and mixed these pieces into a perfect flow which serves as an ideal insight into his vast recorded history. "Space" and "time" are two themes that run constant in all Roach's music. Rich with emotion and nuance, his sound creations evoke a strong sense of space and atmosphere while simultaneously altering the perception of time within that space. Fueled by his prolific nature and uncompromising approach, SPACE AND TIME invites the listener on a 74-minute journey into the extraordinary soundworlds of Steve Roach.

And coming next week, news on the upcoming limited-edition box set SOUNDS FROM THE INBETWEEN!

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