Steve Roach Update: Fest Update, New David Parsons, and More...
October 3, 2010

Greetings soundcurrent friends. We have some exciting late-breaking news to share!

  • SoundQuest Fest Meet and Greet, just added
  • The Shaman's Heart back in print, after nearly two years
  • New David Parsons coming, a worldwide exclusive!

    SoundQuest Fest 2010

    SoundQuest Fest 2010
    An International Gathering of Sonic Innovators and Ambient Architects
    Saturday October 23, 2010 — Tucson, Arizona

    For those coming to Tucson for the SoundQuest Fest, the evening before we will host a meet and greet for fans, the artists and production crew. This will be in the lounge of the Country Inn & Suites, Friday October 22nd from 7:30pm to 9:00pm. If you plan on attending this, please e-mail to help us plan some light snacks.

    Advance-priced SoundQuest Fest tickets are still on sale. There's still time to get on-board and find inexpensive flights. Already, the list of attendees from around the world is quite something.

    The Country Inn & Suites is now sold-out, but directly adjacent is a Ramada Limited. They are now offering a great discounted rate for SoundQuest Fest attendees. See for details.


    SoundQuest Fest Featured Artist Spotlight

    This week we are featuring select releases from Byron Metcalf: A Warning From the Elders and Wachuma's Wave, along with Mantram, Nada Terma, and the epic The Serpent's Lair are all on sale.

    Steve and Byron are currently working on new pieces for a 2011 release which will delve deeper into the realm of The Serpent's Lair. Some of these pieces will debut at the SoundQuest Fest.


    The Shaman's Heart

     Coming soon!
     The Shaman's Heart
     Byron Metcalf featuring Steve Roach, 2010 edition

    After being out-of-print for nearly two years, this oft-requested special release is coming back in a Digipak presentation. We hope to have it by the SoundQuest Fest, or soon after.

    This is a powerful and unique rhythmic and soundworld trance experience based on the traditional structures of shamanic drumming used for altering states of awareness. The entire journey is built using a collection of buffalo drums, frame drums and rattles. Presented as a continuous, unfolding rhythmic state, starting with lone peyote rattles and evolving into mandala-like polyrhythmic bliss. Through it all is a shapeshifting undercurrent of essential soundworlds specifically provided to create support for the intrepid inner traveler. This is unlike any of the solo or collaborations from Byron and Steve.

    Byron Metcalf: Buffalo drums, bear & peyote rattles, udu & clay pot, frame drums, hybrid toms, various shamanic percussion (seed pods, beads, shells, pottery & stone), spirit winds, hoasca sounds.

    Steve Roach: Analog and digital soundworlds, didgeridoo, ocarinas. (Additional shamanic percussion on track 5.)

    Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Byron Metcalf at The Lair, Prescott, Arizona. Ravens and other nature sounds recorded by Byron Metcalf. Steve's parts recorded at The Raven's Nest, Tucson, Arizona.


    New David Parsons! A worldwide exclusive (through mid-November)!


     David Parsons
     Pre-order now, shipping this week!
    New Zealand-based electronic artist David Parsons continues his etheric and expansive sound journey that remains connected to his recent releases Jyoti and Earthlight. This release further presents his artful skill at creating mystical soundscapes that always seem to convey the visitation to sacred sites high up in a mist-filled landscape. The feeling of the music being created right in front of you is present, and the inclusion of delicate sequenced patterns provides a sense of ascending even higher into the clouds.

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