Steve Roach Update: Nightbloom Is Here
September 4, 2010


 Steve Roach and Mark Seelig


This is one of those releases that was quietly created over a two-year period. The time is now; it's here and ready to ship!

Prolific ambient innovator Steve Roach teams with Ph.D. shamanic practitioner / musician Mark Seelig to create a long-form piece of space-opening sound magic. Like the many fragrant and beautiful night-blooming plants which are host to mind-altering qualities, this 70-minute experience slowly blooms outwards with Mark's vocal harmonic and Tuva-style overtoning intertwining within Steve's zones and "terra" grooves. A slow motion magical blend is created in this nocturnal mist-filled realm. The power of the human voice is drawn forth in a primordial understanding and finds a perfect fusion with subterranean heartbeats, drones and zones swelling from the harmonic soil, gently urging the Nightblooming to increase its potency and allure.

Steve and Mark are intrepid travlers in the realms of expanded musical states; they have collaborated with shamanic percussionist Byron Metcalf on Mantram, Nada Terma, Disciple and Wachuma's Wave. This release settles into the sustained oceanic qualities of these powerful releases. Slow down, breathe deep, hear and feel the Nightbloom blooming inside.


 Mark Seelig (with Steve Roach)

Featured in a specially-priced Combo Pack with Nightbloom is Mark's solo release from a few years back. This was recently re-released on Projekt. If you missed this, now is the time to experience this gentle, meditative release steeped in East-Indian ambience.

Disciple is Mark Seelig's first solo project after his powerful contributions on Mantram and the Wachuma's Wave project. On this beautiful and meditative CD, Mark fully immerses himself into the traditional Indian Raga styles through his flute and voice overtoning. Guest musicians from India join Mark, as do Byron Metcalf on percussion and overall production. Steve provides tambora-inspired analog drones and mastering. The music on the album reflects Mark's 23 years of being a disciple, an initiated seeker. Recorded in three countries — India, Germany, and the U.S. — Disciple mirrors Mark's long-lasting connection to these lands.

SoundQuest Fest 2010

SoundQuest Fest 2010
An International Gathering of Sonic Innovators and Ambient Architects
October 23, 2010 — Tucson, Arizona

As we head towards the SoundQuest Fest, we're featuring the work of the artists appearing. Next up is Loren Nerell. For over 20 years, this composer and recording artist has created music for film, theater, dance, and interactive multi-media. He has performed with the Kronos Quartet, recorded several highly evocative solo albums of original work and has appeared on many recordings. He holds a Master's Degree in ethnomusicology, and his extended visits to Java and Bali studying the original styles of Gamelan music has greatly influenced his soundscape releases. He continues to perform in the greater Los Angeles area with the Gamelan dance/music group Burat Wangi. Early studies of microtonal composition of Harry Partch and a lifelong interest of non-traditional music and instruments eventually merged with his years of working with analog and digital synthesizers. His current recordings take advantage of today's computer-based sound production and composition techniques. The result, on releases like Indonesian Soundscapes and Terraform with Steve Roach, is at once organic and otherworldly.

Selected Loren Nerell recordings are now on sale: Terraform (with Steve Roach), Taksu, Indonesian Soundscapes, and Lilin Dewa.

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