Steve Roach Update: Nightbloom Emerging
August 14, 2010

We are thrilled to announce a surprise release that's been in-progress for nearly two years. Nightbloom is coming early September. This one is especially deep!


 Steve Roach and Mark Seelig
 Released in an eco-friendly 6-panel CD wallet
 Coming early September

Prolific ambient innovator Steve Roach teams with Ph.D. shamanic practitioner / musician Mark Seelig to create a long-form piece of space-opening sound magic. Like the many fragrant and beautiful night-blooming plants which are host to mind-altering qualities, this 70-minute experience slowly blooms outwards with Mark's vocal harmonic and Tuva-style overtoning intertwining within Steve's zones and "terra" grooves. A slow motion magical blend is created in this nocturnal mist-filled realm. The power of the human voice is drawn forth in a primordial understanding and finds a perfect fusion with subterranean heartbeats, drones and zones swelling from the harmonic soil, gently urging the Nightblooming to increase its potency and allure.

Steve and Mark are intrepid travlers in the realms of expanded musical states; they have collaborated with shamanic percussionist Byron Metcalf on Mantram, Nada Terma, Disciple and Wachuma's Wave. This release settles into the sustained oceanic qualities of these powerful releases. Slow down, breathe deep, hear and feel the Nightbloom blooming inside.

Projekt's Path Away From Plastic: A Letter From Sam Rosenthal

I have decided I want to take a green path away from plastic packaging for Projekt CD's. It might be a long route, but it is the way to go. I encourage all Projekt artists to look at non-jewel box options for their releases, even though it actually costs me MORE to print a digi, hub-pack or eco-wallet. Cool paper packaging and doing something positive for the earth is a WIN for everyone. Many customers now see the CD as a "container" for the music. Once the music is ripped to their computer, the disc sits on the shelf as a back-up. All that plastic eventually breaks and gets thrown in the landfill; I am finished adding to the problem.

This bucks the tradition of CD packaging, and it will take effort to convince fans that while the paper package weighs less, the benefits are immense. Aside from the disc and shrinkwrap, a digipak uses about two-thirds less plastic than a jewel box, a hub-pack has just a small foam nub, and the eco-wallet has no plastic at all (plus they are printed on recycled board). These eco-friendly packaging options reduce raw material and reduce emissions from fuel burned in transit.

As I said, it costs me MORE to manufacture these, but it's the right thing to do. I hope you will support my decision to take this path toward paper-based releases.

Texture Maps

 Texture Maps: The Lost Pieces Vol. 3
 Steve Roach
 Timeroom Editions
 On sale now

Texture Maps has been a best-seller ever since its release, and it's now re-printed and back in stock.

This purely atmospheric set maps the shift from the tonal serenity found on Steve's earlier work towards the harmonically rich and contrasted souldworlds of late. The centerpiece of Texture Maps is a pivotal 20-minute piece recorded the same week as "Looking for Safety" from Dreamtime Return. Titled "Grey and Purple", it's a genuine lost piece from 1987 that foreshadows Steve's sonic evolution as later realized on The Magnificent Void and ultimately Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces.

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