Sounds of Summer Approaching
May 22, 2010 Greetings from,

"Sounds of Summer Approaching" Sale

The influence of weather and the seasons within the creative process, and the listening experience of the music, is a constant. As the luminous light of long days, sensual heat and perfect evening temperatures approach, I have selected some summer music to enhance the summertime hues. All of these titles are on sale, and some are in specially-priced Combo Packs.

Life Sequence — Life affirming and full of light, shimmering sequences innerwoven to create melodic mandalas and spirals of energy.

Slow Heat — The sound of a summer desert night in slow motion. Created for continuous playback from the heart of the Sonoran Desert. A great soundtrack for those nights when you finally slow down and look up, with nowhere to be but where you're at.

Proof Positive — A perfect companion to Life Sequence. Take the sun's energy and filter it through an analog soul. Great for driving into the heart of the sunrise.

Destination Beyond — Speaking of driving, there is only one direction here and it's forward, to the next rise, and then the one after that. One long piece designed to get you there in the best way. Remember to drink lots of water.

Arc of Passion — This music was born in the summer, recorded live on 07 07 07, the title means what it says. With what was essentially a mobile Timeroom set up at an intimate venue, the momentum of travel and of life to that point came together in a rarified moment. The passion of the pulse gives way to harmonic expansion.

Dust to Dust — Unique on its own dusty ground, these ambient Western boots were made for walking in 100-degree heat to the next mesquite tree for shade. Here is where you can hear and see the recent ghosts of the Western travelers who came before. Cicadas, coyotes, and summer monsoon storms intermixed with simmering atmospheres, lonely harmonica wails and open-tuned guitars paint a vivid southwestern scene, asking the question, what drives a man to go west?

Coming Soon: Sigh of Ages — An essential new solo release from Steve. Emotions quietly stir and resonate in this deeply self-reflective album exploring the terrain between melodic electronic/ambient and modern minimalism.

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