Steve Roach Update: Gateway from Erik Wøllo
May 9, 2010

  • Gateway — Erik Wøllo

    Since the mid-80s, Erik Wøllo has released a string of mesmerizingly melodic, textural, original albums culminating in Gateway, his 14th solo release and debut on Projekt. His recent collaboration with Steve Roach, Stream of Thought, helped introduce a new audience to his personal signature of introspective atmospherics. Working over two years creating Gateway, Wøllo presents a fine-tuned collection of carefully crafted compositions; electro-symphonies morph through a wide variety of moods, guitar expositions and crescendos. With a minimalist's restrained elegance, Wøllo creates evocative passage through imaginary landscapes by blending dark and light elements. The resulting music is visual, kindling the feeling of nature inspired by the Nordic landscapes of Wøllo's homeland.

    We are also featuring a specially-priced Combo Pack combining Gateway with last year's collaboration with Steve, Stream of Thought.

  • In a week or so, tickets will go on-sale for October's Soundquest Fest in Tucson, featuring Steve Roach, Byron Metcalf, Erik Wøllo, Mark Seelig and Loren Nerell.

    More news soon!

    All the best from

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