Steve Roach Update: Grace Cathedral, Soundquest Fest 2010
January 30, 2010

Greetings Soundcurrent Friends,

I'm currently in high gear and engaged with many projects in the studio. A new one with Byron Metcalf was just added to the mix. More on that soon. Coming up for air to share some updates:

Live at Grace Cathedral
First, I wanted to update you on the Live At Grace Cathedral release. It's coming the second week of February. We had a few last-minute tweaks on the cover art that delayed it a bit. It's at the factory now and a newsletter will be sent as soon as it's ready to order.

Tucson, Arizona — October 23rd

The big news, after years of planning, Soundquest Fest 2010 is set for October 23rd in Tucson. The lineup at this point is Steve Roach, Erik Wøllo, Byron Metcalf, Mark Seelig and Loren Nerell. All artists will play both solo and in different collaborative configurations. The event will be at the Berger Center, a great performance theater in central Tucson where Steve last played in 2006. It will be a one-day event starting in the afternoon and progressing into the evening. In the coming weeks we will have details posted online, and tickets available for sale. A nearby hotel will offer a discounted rate for attendees. October is the perfect month for a Tucson visit, to embrace the music and desert atmosphere. With an intimate theater setting of around 500 seats, you won't want to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime gathering. More soon!

End of January Sale!

Now through Monday, the following titles are on sale:

* A Combo Pack featuring a Michael Hoenig classic and the 2-CD collection Musique Mechanique

* Jeffrey Koepper, keeper of the pure analog synth music flame: all titles on sale

* Jim Cole, harmonic vocal and overtone magic: The Way Beyond and Innertones

* Nathan Youngblood, muted dark ambient, sounds for wintertime...

* Stephen Kent, didg master didging deeper: Living Labyrinths

* Lapis Ensemble, haunting and etheric female vocal duo, featuring enhancements by Steve

* Dali, The Endless Enigma: A multi-artist collection of pieces created from the influence of Dali's work. Klaus Schuze, Robert Rich, Michael Stearns, Loren Nerell, Djam Karet, Walter Holland, and Steve Roach

* Brian Parnham, great organic ambient, surreal and shapeshifting: Between Here and There

* Loren Nerell, from the deep end of the indonesian dreamtime: Indonesian Soundscapes

* Temps Perdu?, Earth Story and Terra Incognita, back in stock

Many thanks from!

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