Steve Roach Update: December 2009
December 9, 2009

Greetings Soundcurrent friends,

It's been cold and windy here in the desert, perfect weather for cocooning in the Timeroom and carving the electrons into form. I am working on a handful of new projects and will be filling you on these soon. Meanwhile...

Pure Flow
Free gift with any CD order!

We are offering the compilation "Pure Flow" free with any order of 1 CD or more. This release makes a great addition to the collection, or a nice gift. Hurry, offer ends Monday December 14th. (Please do not add "Pure Flow" to your shopping cart; we will add it automatically when filling your order.)

This fine collection is an essential 71 minute flow of atmospheric soundscapes taken from several Timeroom Editions releases as well as a rare piece, The Unbroken Promise. Selected and sequenced for continuous playback, the combined presentation of Pure Flow casts a new light on these tracks with the result feeling like a new long-form non rhythmic journey towards a still point collection. All the pieces have been remastered for this release to further to enhance the pure flow.

Historic Release Specials

In cooperation with Celestial Harmonies, we have two special releases on sale — individually or as a budget-priced Combo Pack — through the end of December:

Departure From the Northern Wasteland
Departure From the Northern Wasteland — Michael Hoenig

Any connoisseur of sequencer music simply must have this CD.

An historic look back at a pinnacle release for the 70's German Electronic Music scene that still holds the magic. Michael Hoenig worked briefly with Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze, but this monumental solo recording released in 1978 is one of the true electronic classics to emerge from the so-called Berlin School of that time. This release presents a twist on the sequencer-dominated sound of that time. Short, melodic analog sequencer patterns are woven into a polyrythmic array that shift and phase constantly creating a meditative study of tonal and rhythmic motion. Warm harmonic analog synth and guitar textures and melodies support the movement of the pieces creating a pastoral undertone. Hoeing's influences of Philip Glass, Terry Riley and especially Steve Reich are part of what takes the era's standard approach to sequencer-based music into a place that is still unmatched in its minimal elegance. As vital-sounding today as it was upon its release, this one is among Steve's top all-time favorite "roots" CD's. The 21-minute title track is simply epic.

Musique Mechanique
Musique Mechanique — Various Artists

Celestial Harmonies founder Eckart Rahn sorted through hours of historically significant material for Musique Mechanique. This double CD retrospective of influential electronic compositions does not begin to cover the wealth of consequential material his labels have presented over the years. However, this collection does offer a worthy overview of the genre while also giving listeners a chance to experience some classic long-form pieces that travel deeply into the fabric of sound, time and space manipulation that is the hallmark of great electronic music. Titled European Trance, disc one of Musique Mechanique explores the early years of electronic music-making when the first Moog synthesizer arrived in Europe, ca. 1970. Florian Fricke was the man who owned it, and his initial experiments with the instrument gave birth to a highly individualistic musical expression. As the founder, keyboardist and spirit of Popol Vuh, this son of an opera singer changed the face of modern music with his powerful and evocative scores to Werner Herzog films. The title track to Herzog's Aguirre is a fitting opening to the first disc of Musique Mechanique. Though electronic artists in the United States initially followed the example set down by European trailblazers, they soon headed into new directions. On disc two, Transcontinental Space, the musicians who set the controls for the outer limits wound up seeking something more primordial. Through the innovations of Steve Roach, Kevin Braheny and Michael Stearns, the spirit of American pioneerism transformed into cyberspace as electronics brought them closer to the root sound and opened up a world of music that embraced the ancient past as well as the possible future. — from John Diliberto's liner notes

Other Releases Now Available

Truth & Beauty
Truth & Beauty — Steve Roach

A new pressing of this 1999 compilation is now available, and sale-priced.

Le Serpent Rouge
Le Serpent Rouge — Arcana

Re-visit a specially featured re-release from Projekt: Wicked Middle-Eastern trance percussion and loop structures with wordless voice callings all rising up like writhing serpents from the ether of a lost time, intertwined with deep textures into haunting results. Any fans of Peter Gabriel's Passion soundtrack and Steve's tribal trance releases will appreciate this release.

Many thanks for your ongoing direct orders. More than ever, this is vital towards supporting my music creations.

All the best,

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