Steve Roach Update: November 2009
November 22, 2009

Greetings Soundcurrent friends,

Many thanks for your great feedback, excitement, and support for the 2009 Box Set release. It's inspiring to say the least. More to come, as I will continue the tradition of releases which besides the musical experience, can be held in your hands as a piece of lasting art. It has to be reiterated that your purchases via my site, retail stores, iTunes and other legitimate online sites is what continues to support the flow of releases, and I thank you for that.

A quick reminder that the complete David Parsons catalog, along with his most recent release Jyoti, will be on sale for just a few more days, through November 25. Titles from other artists are also on sale.

Structures From Silence: 25 Years Later

Structures From Silence
Showing its years with quiet dignity, 2009 marks the 25-year anniversary of this definitive release. While the term "classic" is used freely these days, since its release in 1984 Structures From Silence has earned its "classic" status thru its enduring inner quality and continued appreciation worldwide. The intimate suspended embrace of rhythmless, breathing atmospheres and serene melodies introduced a new sound for its time, generating an abundance of listener feedback via cards, letters and moving stories long before the dawn of e-mail. In 2001, a new edition provided the chance to rediscover this timeless music as well as introduce the music to a new audience. Among its many accolades, the CD was listed in Yoga Journal as one of the all-time top 10 CD's for movement and meditation. Among New Age Voice's Top 5 Most Influential Ambient Albums of All Time, it has been featured in a number of compilations for the healing arts, including Eckart Tolle's recent "Music to Quiet The Mind". For either a fresh copy or as a gift, Structures From Silence is currently on sale at our online store through the end of the year.

Just in! Echoes Listener Poll

Many thanks to the listeners who made Dreamtime Return the #2 album on Echoes' "20 Icons For 20 Years". Tune into Echoes during the next 20 weeks for special features from this listener poll, mapping out the releases of many significant sonic architects from the past 20 years.

2010: A glimpse at the horizon...

I am currently stirring it up on a few different projects, tapping into deep trance groove space contained a full sonic spectrum, from the deeper end of the bass spectrum.

Along with these solo projects on the runway for 2010, three different duo collaborations are coming: with Mark Seelig (March 2010 on Projekt), with Kelly David (Spring 2010) and with Brian Parnham (Fall 2010).

The last of the Timeroom Editions 3/4 sleeve t-shirts and A Deeper Silence t-shirts are on sale while supplies last. Sizes are limited to stock on hand.


Many of you may know the great streaming Internet station SomaFM which features many fine shows including Drone Zone which features Steve's music in steady rotation. It's a listener-supported entity and really worthy of your attention. We encourage you to check it out. They even have an iPhone app!

More news soon on the many new projects on the runway, and concert plans for 2010.

Many thanks from

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