Steve Roach Update: Midsummer Sound Waves
August 2, 2009

Midsummer greetings from the Core of the summer Arizona heat and its monsoon storms...

Once again the true nature of the land of extremes has been working its magic in the Timeroom, as three new releases are in the final stages before birthing. Destination Beyond, Afterlight and Immersion: Four will all be released together towards the end of August or early September. 500 will be available in a limited-edition box set, signed and numbered by Steve. The three will also be sold individually. More on this soon.

Meanwhile, we are excited to announce some fine new releases available now, plus news on what's ahead:
  • The new Projekt edition of Terraform by Steve Roach and Loren Nerell is now available

  • Phantoms by Forrest Fang — deep textures with acoustic infusions

  • Atlan by Soriah (with Ashkelon Sain) — Tuvan throat singing, Aztec vocal intonations blended with rich harmonic ambient passages, misty atmospheres and sparse hand percussion

  • Radiate by Jeff Koepper, Live at the Gatherings — live and new pieces from analog stalwart

  • Disciple by Mark Seelig — beautiful first solo release back in stock, Indian raga-style spaces, flute, male and female voices, subtle percussion and soundworlds

  • New David Parsons worldwide exclusive Jyoti, coming in September!
Plus, don't miss our very special $9.99 sale on Timeroom Editions titles, through Tuesday only!

Phantoms by Forrest Fang — Projekt

"Fang produces soundscapes suffused with peace and a sense of floating and drifting beauty that are wondrous to explore." — Alternative Music Press.

"Fang makes a perfect label-mate for such spirits as Vidna Obmana and Steve Roach. Good for both late night relaxation or close attention." — All Music Guide

"From out of the atmospheric backwaters of the World Music genre flows the fascinating soundworlds of Forrest Fang. His work combines native flutes, eastern strings and exotic percussion with synthesizers and digital processing to produce a music for our world but not entirely of it. His CD Phantoms opens up and explores a minimalistic region of music where expressions are made through the gradual motion of textures and timbres — all churning beneath cavernous reverberation. Phantoms' eight tracks move between static drones and metallic cross-modulations to the tumultuous soundscapes of nocturnal ambience — where rhythms seem based more in ancient ceremonies than in computer software. Exceptional in its dark hued subtlety this work transports the listener to a cyber-jungle nowhereland. Alternating between the dreamy and the experimental, the primitive and the futuristic, this music conjures up an imaginary environment ruled by mythic lost tribes, technology and the vast continent of Forrest Fang's dark vision." — Chuck van Zyl, Star's End / WXPN Radio

Atlan by Soriah (with Ashkelon Sain) — Projekt

This release will be a must have for fans of late Jorge Reyes, as well as Steve's deep shamanic explorations and overtone spaces from Mark Seelig and Byron Metcalf. Totally unique and a true crossroads of ancient and modern. Highly recommended!

Atlan has its roots in the ceremonial: ritualism, shamanism, butoh. Master Tuvan throat singer Soriah has teamed with prolific soundscaper Ashkelon Sain to create a masterwork of epic celestial elegance. The eleven tracks employ a host of Central Asian ethnic stringed instruments alongside atmospheric synths and hypnotic hand percussion to form a simmering backdrop for Soriah's mesmerizing vocals.

Soriah has extensively trained in traditional Tuvan throat singing. Most recently, he was honored as the Third Place winner in the International Symposium of Khoomei Competition, and "Best Foreigner" in the 2008 Ustuu-Khooree World Music Festival in Tuva, where the form originated.

As much as the complex underpinnings of Soriah's music reach back to Central Asia, he traces his cultural roots to his father's homeland of Mexico. Soriah's explorations of Mexico's cities, wilderness, and eclectic indigenous traditions — as well as his extensive Tuvan travels and musical studies there — have deeply influenced his pan-cultural ethos. Soriah's interest in contemporary expression through animism and shamanism, and particular fascination with the Aztec mysteries has all substantially informed the material found on Atlan. Of the album's lyric tracks, five are intoned in the ancient Aztec language of Nahuatl, while two others are interpretations of traditional Tuvan chants.

Producer / instrumentalist Ashkelon has crafted the album's sound with a seamless, ambient quality, harkening equally to the symphonic and the etherealesque. Arranged in spellbinding tempo, the tracks vary in structure from linear, North Indian styled ragas to rhythmic, esoteric songs to multilayered walls of ambient beauty, all the while retaining an unwavering sense of spiritualism and timelessness.

Atlan is a ritualistic sound adventure. You emerge from a listen with your head swaddled in a pre-linguistic fever dream. Vocals and whispers collide and chase each other through the mix and just when you start to feel comfortable or certain of the terrain, another movement begins and you're back in the mist. With closed eyes, envision vast steppes illuminated by firelight, or rain falling in deep space, or vanished civilizations — ancient and mysterious yet curiously modern.

Radiate by Jeffrey Koepper — Ricochet Dream

Koepper's first live CD release was recorded at a Gatherings concert in Philadelphia on April 19, 2008. The CD presents a spirited set built on the warm analog instruments which create the foundation of his sound. The concert was also the debut of the album Sequentaria. Radiate contains live versions of tracks from Sequentaria, Momentium and Luminosity.

"Luxurious harmonic threads ripple in the air like expanding banners, twirling around each other to form an exquisite helix of pulsating electronic sound. Each sonic strand embodies a glistening riff, some ephemeral, others comprised of keyboard loops. As the music unfolds, the tendrils meld into wondrous interaction and merge to create complex patterns of delicate melodic beauty." — Matt Howarth

Disciple by Mark Seelig (back in stock; German import)

The first solo release from Roach / Metcalf collaborator Mark Seelig. On Disciple, Mark fully immerses himself into the traditional Indian Raga styles. With its spiritual energy and long tracks, Disciple is ideally suited for deep meditation and devotional practice. Recorded in India and Germany with additional subtle ambient textures added in Arizona (percussion from Metcalf and soundworlds from Roach) plus flute, mantra chants, and overtone singing. Two female Indian vocalists and Sarod combine to create an enrapturing and engulfing release.

Many thanks for your ongoing support!

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