Steve Roach Update: Summertime News
June 14, 2009

Greetings soundcurrent friends... time for some summertime news...

Currently in creation mode, some new releases are underway — Immersion: Four, Destination Beyond, and announcing a third new release, Afterlight. Afterlight was created in the post-resonate space of the double-CD Dynamic Stillness, and could easily be considered the third disc to this work. These three new releases will arrive in a few months.

Along with the individual releases, a special box set will be offered for the first 500 copies. This high quality box was crafted in Germany with special artwork, and each will be signed and numbered by Steve.

The Live at Grace Cathedral iTunes release is coming soon. We will send an announcement once it's ready.

2006's deep ambient Terraform, a collaboration with Steve and Loren Nerell, is being reissued on Projekt in a few months. We have just a few copies left of the original collector's version which comes in a DVD-sized case with postcards. Once this special edition is sold out, it's gone forever.

We have an abundance of our A Deeper Silence t-shirts, in all sizes, and short-sleeve Timeroom Circuit Mandala t-shirts, so they're on sale at 50% off. 'Tis the season to take advantage of these "cool" short sleeve shirts!

New and on-sale releases:

- Italian sound artist Antonio Testa has a new release now at the store, Inframundis, a subterranean grotto soundscape. This Russian import features long-time collaborator Alio Die on four tracks, and comes in a special package with three postcards. Limited copies on hand.

- Jeffrey Koepper: Radiate

This is a spirited and well-recorded 2008 live concert release from The Gathering concert series in Philadelphia. Limited edition, 1000 copies.

Day Out of Time
The Past Informs The Present: Catalog Spotlight Feature
Day Out of Time, the soundtrack to Time of the Earth

"During a recent road trip across the desert to San Diego, I checked back in on this release and ended up listening in loop mode for a few hours while crossing the heart of the desert floor. While the pieces for this soundtrack were collected from various releases, the different perspective they created when brought together was still powerful and took me by surprise. It felt like a new release with transformed quality. It's been a while since I heard this on its own, away from the DVD. It really feels like a perfect soundtrack for the summertime, and for creating that day out of time which we can all use every now and then." — Steve Roach

This soundtrack contains classic tracks along with out-of-print and hard-to-find pieces woven together to tell the wordless story originally released on the recent desert dreamtime DVD on Projekt, Time of the Earth. As such, it provides a comprehensive view of Steve's influential tribal-ambient and desert-ambient soundworlds. Like the Pure Flow collection, the sequence of the tracks melding into one continuous flow reflects a new perspective on the different eras of Steve's work.

Supporting the theme is a hauntingly beautiful cover image that Steve was saving for the right release, ever since 1987. This black & white image is from a remote part of Mono Lake in California, and taken by renown nature photographer Jim Stimson. The image itself seems to emanate a world of sound that occurs on this day out of time.

A review by Phil Derby, Electroambient Space:

Steve Roach wasn't just busy doing music in 2002. Somehow, in the midst of touring and releasing several albums, he also found time to release a DVD, Time of the Earth. Steve perfectly edited and blended eleven previously released tracks (though some are only available on hard-to-find compilations) to fit a magnificent nature film by Steve Lazur, featuring remote natural wonders from the American West. The complete soundtrack to the DVD is featured on Day Out of Time, and even if you have all the source material and the DVD itself, it's well worth considering this as yet another essential Steve Roach purchase. If you have the DVD, but want to zone out to your portable CD player or in your car, it's nice to have the music here at your fingertips. And if you already own most or all of the individual tracks, they take on new life here in the unique way they are seamlessly spliced together in carefully selected snippets of the original works. Tracks are featured from relatively recent efforts such as Early Man, Atmospheric Conditions, and Vine ~ Bark & Spore, but some also date further back, to A Storm of Drones ("Merciful Eyes") and even his classic Dreamtime Return from the 1980's, which makes a fitting finish to the disc. Perhaps the most sought-after piece will be "This Life," which is featured on a compilation I've heard of but not seen, the compilation Floatation on Interchill Records. Short and sweet, this is definitely Steve Roach, but just different enough to perk the ears up a bit. A softly meandering bass line and some almost modern techno elements drifting in the background make this a singular Roach listening experience. Part tribal, part haunting drifts, all vintage Steve Roach in a creatively rearranged format, Day Out of Time is a winner.

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