Steve Roach Update: Stillness is Near
April 7, 2009

Greetings soundcurrent friends...

Dynamic Stillness

After a very long and winding creative process, Dynamic Stillness is near! We are now taking preorders; it will start shipping this Friday, April 10th, well in advance of its official release date in May. Enjoy our pre-order sale price up through April 9th.

Advance resonations on Dynamic Stillness:

"A moving meditation on the quiet power inherent in vast spaces. Roach has come back around to the slow-motion terraforming of soundworlds that seem to go on forever, pulling skeins of light through layers of cloud to describe gorgeous imaginary landscapes. Reminiscent of the sighing, beatless drifts of The Dream Circle and The Magnificent Void in its blend of soul-surrounding calm edged with dramatic tension, Dynamic Stillness is Roach at his contemplative best, a sure and silent guide coaxing us to follow him into the endless realms inside ourselves." — John Shanahan, Hypnagogue

About cover artist Michal Karcz:

It's time to acknowledge the brilliant artwork of Poland-based visual artist Michal Karcz, whose amazing artwork perfectly matches the music on Dynamic Stillness. This cover is the result of a true collaboration of ideas and mutual inspirations that continued for nearly two years. His visual response to the music, and my reaction to his images which also seeped into the music, evolved right until the final production stages. In fact, I had selected a completely different set of images that were already in place for the final cover. At the last minute, Michal sent what is now the cover image. When it arrived, it was undeniably "the one". This demanded a complete cover redesign — thank you Sam at Projekt! Visit

Other news:

- Landmass and A Deeper Silence are now available from iTunes.

- Live at Grace Cathedral — iTunes Exclusive release coming soon!

... Planning and production are almost complete for an iTunes Exclusive release of Steve's 2007 Grace Cathedral concert in San Francisco. This will be part of an ongoing series of live releases available through iTunes, which will be eventually combined into a limited-release CD set.

- A new collaboration with Mark Seelig is in motion. Initiated by Mark and recorded at The Timeroom last month, this project is centered around Mark's overtone, throat and vocal toning in combination with deep drones and metamorphic trance rhythms. Coming later this year...

- Long-time colleague and collaborator Loren Nerell is in the final stages of a new solo release, co-produced by Steve. This release will present Loren's lifelong affair with gamelan music at the fore, as the natural dreamlike patterns from the land of Bali-Java morph and melt into a hybrid fourth-world dreamtime. Coming late Summer.

- Two new Timeroom Edition releases coming early Summer! The energy, inspiration and hypnogogic states from life's ephemeral nature continues to flow within these two new releases, coming in a few months.

- Immersion: Four is being distilled, fully tested in the sleep chamber and shaped to ultra-minimal perfection over many months.

- Destination Beyond is a dynamic 70-minute studio recording from early 2009. Consider this part 3 in the triptych of the Arc of Passion and Landmass sound. This piece has the yearning, magnetic pull and drive towards that point on the horizon that you never reach but can always see. Perhaps this is the best metaphor for the essence of Steve's rhythmic-sequencer style.

- Our mega sale is still underway. See our Sale Page for a complete list.

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