Steve Roach Update: Dynamic Stillness
March 16, 2009

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Dynamic Stillness
Dynamic Stillness is now officially at the CD plant, and cued up for iTunes in the coming weeks. We will be offering this release in late April.

Dynamic Stillness is a vast new work that has progressed over the past three years, evolving in its own time alongside the many other releases that were created and released along this timeline. The opening for these pieces was accessed through long periods of solitude at Steve's high desert studio and beyond. This environment was essential for informing the inner breath of this work and revealing a mastery within the art of original sound creation, bold harmonic structures, silence and sonic space. Dynamic Stillness reaches into a realm of amorphous soundworlds filled with a sense of unresolved expansion and mystery, blooming into cloud like form

Advance words:

"Mysteriously beautiful, ambient electronic waveforms bridging panorama and parsec. The singularities guiding Roach's hand are now unquestionable. This is breathtaking stuff." — Darren Bergstein

"Dynamic Stillness presents ambient-electronic pioneer Steve Roach in the deep end of the pure atmospheric, rhythmless soundscape genre. Across the 2-CD release, amorphous shifting sonics glide in a phenomenal flow, highly cohesive and yet ever-changing. Dynamic Stillness indeed! These eight long-form tracks (140 minutes in all) undulate and slowly, radiating light even as darkness hovers along the edges. It's an album of subtle pieces, more often than not with emphasis on the stillness as opposed to the dynamics. Disc two's closing 'Canyon Stillness' plays like a dark inversion of Structures From Silence. A cold breeze blows through it all like a black mist. After so much softness it makes for a surprisingly chilling, engaging finish." — Phil Derby, Electroambient Space

The Past Informs The Present: Catalog Spotlight Feature

"For some time now I have wanted to feature titles from my body of work from over the years, turning the attention away from what's next and the shock of the new, to titles that mark moments in time and continue to hold energy and a connection to my music's family tree."

World's Edge
"In this newsletter, the wayback machine delivers up World's Edge, released in 1992. For those of you who do not know this release, disc two holds one of my favorite long-form pieces 'To The Threshold Of Silence.' At 60 minutes, this was my first long-form composition to cross over the 30-minute mark. This piece was created on analog tape, and the creative challenges at this time were quite tall in constructing a continuous 60-minute space. 1992 was the same year Soma, Suspended Memories' Forgotten Gods, the combined edition of Now and Traveler, and the expanded edition of Stormwarning were released." — Steve Roach

The double-CD World's Edge was Steve's first solo project created after his move to Tucson in 1990. At last the inspirations that fueled his music for years were right outside the studio, helping to feed an especially intense creative period. It is one that Steve looks back on as an important period of transition and discovery within the onion-skin-like evolution of his work. The roots of Origins, Artifacts, The Magnificent Void, and On This Planet are clearly present here, as well as the transition from the benchmark Dreamtime Return. Disc two contains an often-overlooked hour-long piece, "To the Threshold Of Silence." This composition shows significant influences from Tibetan ceremonial music, with a fusion of deep space music, melding perfectly into Steve's landscapes of time-stretching textures. Added to this foundation is harmonic singing, processed gongs, Tibetan bells, and deep Earth pulses, all combined to created a kind of ancient-modern sacred space. This groundbreaking long-form piece foreshadowed The Dream Circle, Slow Heat, Atmospheric Conditions and Prayers to the Protector. This rediscovery will delight both old listeners and those newly-experiencing Steve's vast musical journey.

An Interview with Steve Roach (World's Edge excerpt)
Margen Magazine (Spain), May 2002

Q: I think that World's Edge is a turning point in your career. A different impulse to your music (it's a personal and subjective opinion, of course). Are you okay with this opinion? How did you conceive this work?

A: This is a sharp perception that hardly anyone makes. I have always felt World's Edge was a sort of lost release. Perhaps being somewhat in the shadow of Dreamtime Return was part of it. Also, at the time the record company was going through personnel changes that delayed the release, if I remember right. In any case, it was a very intense and wonderful time in that it was created right after moving to Tucson and finally setting up my studio and home in the desert. I was also starting a new relationship with my wife to be at the time, Linda Kohanov. I was simply intoxicated on being alive every day and so grateful to be out of Los Angeles and California which was quickly becoming overcrowded. I felt a sense of relief to be away from the hive of the city, and finally living in the desert was a dream come true.

Along with all the personal changes, when I started work on World's Edge I was constantly focused on this dramatic rock formation that I see from my studio window everyday, and that set the mood and created a focus as the music was born. Some days it was covered in clouds; other days it was burning with heat. I remember during a massive lightning storm, seeing a bolt of lightning hit the very top and just not let go. Amazing! It was really like how one might imagine a day right out of a dawn of time, creation of the earth with the forces of nature in full wrath. That's what these desert storms are like every summer. So all of this was what helped infuse the music on World's Edge. I finally felt like I was where I longed to be with a new life unfolding.

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