Steve Roach Summer Newsletter
June 29, 2008

  • Landmass by Steve Roach
  • A Deeper Silence T-Shirts
  • Empetus 2-CD Collectors Edition
  • Steve Roach and Erik Wøllo update
  • Flagstaff concert reminder

LANDMASS — Steve Roach — Timeroom Editions — now shipping

This release of all-new music is a surreal shape shifting grand adventure in sound, morphing through a constant altering perspective giving witness to the creation of iconic landscape formations, stone monuments, massive alluvial desert plains and the occasional pyroclastic flow. This primordial soundscape was constructed from a continuous magma stream drawing from the ever-evolving full spectrum of sounds, rhythms and deep zones found in Steve's work.

Landmass is the 20th release on Steve Roach's Timeroom Editions, which marks its 10th anniversary this year. The full-spectrum experience of Landmass is the perfect release for this occasion as it represents the powerful confluence of creative energy at the core of the Timeroom Editions. This release is presented in a beautiful six-panel Digipak.

"Landmass is a quintessential compendium of [Steve's] recent activities, spanning a bridge from his ''infinite and minimal'' zones to his grand-scale projects in between rhythmic trance and immersive Ambient drift. In many ways, it appears to be a continuation of a confident new style, making use of a diverse palette of timbres, tools and techniques. Percussive particles keep turning up even in the outstretched beatless passages, lending a constant additional tension and propulsion to the already viral visions. Tracks could explode at any minute. Roach is no longer building landscapes from sound, he is recording ''sounding'' landscapes built on the most essential building blocks: rhythm and harmony. In this sense, Landmass continues the only tradition an honest artist can and should really be true to: his own." — Tobias Fischer, Tokafi


The evocative and understated cover image from A Deeper Silence has evolved into a piece of art you can wear. The image immediately drew a number of requests for a shirt. We now have all sizes in a quality unisex tee, and for the first time we're also offering a ladies' cut for a sculpted petite fit.

EMPETUS: 2-CD COLLECTORS EDITION — Steve Roach — Projekt — August

The master rights to Steve's 1986 release Empetus recently reverted back to him, and this along with some recently discovered "lost pieces" inspired a 2-CD Collectors Edition. This will include a second CD with two amazing long-form sequencer pieces circa 1982. The first piece "Harmonia Mundi" was recorded live in the L.A.-based Timeroom with Swiss-born electronic musician Thomas Ronkin. At 45 minutes, this is one of the more possessed and intense analog sequencer trance pieces you're likley to hear. "Release" is a 24 minute solo statement of emotion and energy connected to the early years of Steve's evolution in sound, harkening to Now and Traveller. By the time Empetus was released, the approach of these longer German School styles were morphing into a new sound heard on Empetus and beyond.

"Released in 1986, this recording of intricately-woven sequencer lines and buzzing synthesizers established Roach as the American answer to the pioneering European electronic masters of the 70's (Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream). Alternately thrilling and serene (sometimes within the space of the same track), Empetus' waves of energy rest upon labyrinthine patterns of interlocking notes and wildly cascading tonal clusters. Roach varies the moods from piece to piece as well: the bright, piercing electronics of ''Seeking'' contrast vividly with the starker, sweeping veils of sequenced notes and arcing waves of ''Empowerment'', or the turbo-charged synths that rev through ''Conquest''. It's all riveting, exciting stuff, and although Roach largely abandoned the style as he moved forward, Empetus remains an important, if largely unsung, statement documenting the course of modern American electronic music." — Darren Bergstein, Muze

Steve Roach / Erik Wøllo Update

A beautiful new collaboration with Steve Roach and Erik Wøllo is coming this Fall on Projekt. Erik was at The Timeroom recently for an extended session with Steve, a long way from his home in Norway. Results are simmering on this project which started nearly two years ago, and has evolved into a rich blend of sounds from the two veterans morphing into a new hybrid sound.

Steve Roach Live in Flagstaff, Arizona

A limited number of tickets are still available for Steve's only 2008 performance in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona, on October 25th. Start making your travel plans now! The wondrous Grand Canyon and the awe-inspiring beauty of Sedona are both easy day-trips from Flagstaff.

This concert is sponsored by the Flagstaff Dark Skies Coalition and will be presented in an intimate 200-seat theater at the Coconino Center for the Arts in this beautiful destination locale. Tickets are selling fast, and this show will almost certainly sell-out, so we recommend you buy your tickets now. Roger King will be providing sound and visual support, and like the past Tucson concerts where we're traveling by ground, all the stops will be pulled out for this experience.

All the best from!

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