Steve Roach Newsletter: The Memory Pool / Revealing the Secret
March 23, 2008

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Ascension of Shadows: The Memory Pool / Revealing The Secret
Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana

2-CD Ultra-Limited Edition (only a few dozen left!)

The Memory Pool / Revealing the SecretFirst released as a limited edition of 2000 in 1998, the 3-CD box set ASCENSION OF SHADOWS: MEDITATIONS FOR THE MILLENNIUM quickly sold out, and has remained a highly-desired prize for Roach and Obmana fans. The intentions for creating a place of solace for what the artists were sensing, with the approaching anticipation of the year 2000 and beyond, feels especially potent and nourishing when heard now. SOMEWHERE ELSE, the first disc in the box set was re-released in 2005. The original plan was to release the second and third discs over time, but this plan was altered because of a steady flow of new music that Steve and Projekt wanted to focus upon. Recently, Projekt discovered 80 sets of the original pressing of the second and third discs, "The Memory Pool" and "Revealing the Secret". These are now being presented in a DVD-sized case. There are no plans to bring these back into print after these are gone; this is the final stash!

Into the Infinite
Chad Kettering

Into the InfiniteWe are excited to present INTO THE INFINITE, an impressive debut release by ambient-electronic composer and musician Chad Kettering. This musical journey unveils its emotional depth and attention to sonic detail as the shades of a long lost exotic landscape and the culture it supported are brought to life. Through a refined collection of analog and digital instruments, acoustic elements, and a warmth of sound, this intricate composition is very much alive and present, offering the listener an inspiring view into the infinite. The project was mastered at The Timeroom by Steve Roach.

While drawing upon techniques used in sound design, musique concrete and the inspiration of ambient electronic music pioneers including Vangelis, Michael Stearns, Steve Roach and others, Chad patiently developed his sound and approach over several years to emerge with a deeply personal and accomplished musical statement.

Back in Stock...

If you missed this earlier, we received a new batch of these essential titles:


We've been posting a variety of cool videos on YouTube. Recent additions: the Earth Dreaming video (1989), a Suspended Memories living room concert (1992), Live Montage (1997), The Soundscapes of Steve Roach, and the Live at Cobalt Sun montage (2005).

More news soon!

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