Late-Breaking News From Steve Roach
January 24, 2001

With 2001 already in motion, we send you all the best for the coming year. 
We are currently working on an extensive newsletter covering all upcoming
Steve Roach releases and more, but until then here's some late-breaking

vidnaObmana: SUBTERRANEAN COLLECTIVE (featuring Steve Roach)

Now Shipping from!

Ambient collectors have searched for the missing link for years: a search
for the albums that reflect the transition from vidnaObmana's early
minimalist-ambient work to his current tribal-ambient sound.  ECHOING
most of the 90's -- are that missing link.  This is the SUBTERRANEAN

SUBTERRANEAN COLLECTIVE on Projekt Records is vidnaObmana's personal
collection of these classic albums, presented as a special re-packaged
double CD set.  With re-recorded portions and extra layers of drones and
ambience, SUBTERRANEAN COLLECTIVE displays Obmana's fusion of pure minimal
and repetitive atmospheres with ethnic-influenced soundworlds.  The set
includes THE SPRITUAL BONDING, the project that led to his first journey to
the Sonoran desert to work with Steve Roach in the Timeroom.  This is also
when the WELL OF SOULS sessions began, starting the collaborative history
between Steve and vidnaObmana.

EARLY MAN has evolved...  

EARLY MAN 2001 EDITION -- DOUBLE CD! Official release date March 13;
available from mid-February

This above-ground edition on Projekt will contain the original EARLY MAN on
disc one, and a "decomposed" 71-minute version on disc two.  Special web
site SALE PRICE of $16.  We'll send another update in mid-February when it
arrives.  We will not be accepting preorders on this title.

"The evolution of early man continues.  After living with the first disc
for several months, it became clear to me that I was still not ready to
move on from this ancient-modern habitat.  The notion to create a
de-composed version of the original Early Man became a compelling impulse
that I had to make into reality.  The idea of "digging" early man back up
after a few thousand years and hearing a different perspective was the
motivation.  Some elements from the original remain, while others are gone
or have transformed into something else.  After having the memory of the
first disc in my mind, the feeling when I hear the new version is like that
of a dream within a dream.  I spent most of December working at the
archeological site of the second Early Man, so to speak, unearthing this
new deeper discovery and conclusion to the story... for now..."

Steve Roach, January 2001


If you missed out on 1999's dazzling LIGHT FANTASTIC, we've created an
exclusive 10-minute medley presenting a glimpse of this award-winning
release.  Surf over to and have a listen!  You can
also tune into our "Pure Electronica" radio station at, which now
features LIGHT FANTASTIC.  Thanks to everyone who tunes into our MP3
stations while at work, or relaxing at home.  Thanks also for spreading the
word; sharing the MP3 site with a friend is a great way to introduce the
music to a newcomer, and you're supporting the artists at the same time.


Fractal mandala beats and ultra grooves... psychedelic soundworlds... and
future dreaming... this is the world of Steve Roach and Vir Unis.  Their
aim is to create electronic-based music that is born from body, mind and
spirit operating in overdrive, stimulating the hyperreal states we were
born to experience... their new album BLOOD MACHINE is coming...

Visit the nerve center, the official site of the BLOOD MACHINE with an
exclusive preview at  Keep checking back
for future updates and new glimpses of this anticipated release.  Also
check out the new Vir Unis solo release PULSE N ATMO on Groove Unlimited,
available soon from Backroads Music.  We'll have more about the BLOOD
MACHINE in an upcoming newsletter.

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