Mythic Imagination and Modern Society
'Mythic Imagination and Modern Society' Conference
Palm Springs, California

June 13 - 18, 2004
Featuring Steve Roach, June 17, 8:00 pm

Tickets are $35 if purchased separately, or free for conference attendees. Click here to order.

Steve was honored with an invitation to present his live sound and visual experience during this international event. While the full conference extends over a week, we have made arrangements to sell tickets for just Steve's performance! This is currently Steve's only scheduled live performance for 2004.

"Toward the Dream: A Sonic and Visual Journey through Archetypal Landscapes With Steve Roach"

In this psychoactive sound and visual odyssey, Steve Roach alters, stretches, and suspends time completely through hybrid trance rhythms and expansive, otherworldly soundscapes drawn from all things acoustic and electric. Prepare to be catapulted out of the Land of Logic as we journey through the heights and depths of the mythic imagination, catching a glimpse now and then of a magnificent void rich with the pure potential of what lies beyond form. Steve will be joined by frequent collaborator percussionist Byron Metcalf. The visual dreams of light artist Lynn Augstein, and the surround-sound talents of Roger King, will further enhance the experience.

About the Conference

Stanislav and Christina Grof are gathering together a group of extraordinary individuals: scientists, consciousness explorers, healers, spiritual teachers, economists, artists, and authors from around the globe for the Sixteenth International Transpersonal Conference.

Some of the names: Angeles Arrien, John Cleese, Ram Dass, Stanislav Grof, Michael Harner, Jean Houston, Chungliang Al Huang, Jack Kornfield, Linda Kohanov, Ervin Laszlo, Bernard Lietaer, John Mack, Albrecht Mahr, Michael Mead, Ralph Metzner, Steve Roach, Peter Russell, Marilyn Schlitz, Richard Tarnas, Charles Tart, Jai Uttal, Frances Vaughan, Roger Walsh.

The conference will focus on the psycho-spiritual roots of the current global crisis and on the importance of the mythic motifs and forces underlying human history and modern society.

Discover a new myth that inspires peaceful coexistence and a sustainable world for all, drawing on the wisdom of the ancients and discoveries of new paradigm science.

The conference combines lectures, panel discussions, experiential workshops, rituals, music, dance, visual arts and laughter in celebration of re-enchantment of the world and of the 100th anniversary of Joseph Campbell, the greatest mythologist of the 20th century. for concert only
phone: (415) 575-6115

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