The 1996 Tour

Steve Roach took his music on the road in 1996, performing live in cities throughout the United States. Below are the concert announcements that were made on this web site, along with some related links (which may no longer work).

November 18, 1996 -- San Diego, California (7:30 pm)
Spotted Peccary Music Presents: Steve Roach & David Helpling In Concert
Reuben H. Fleet Space Theater and Science Center
1875 El Prado & San Diego
tickets: $18.50 (general admission; on sale Nov. 1 at TicketMaster outlets)
info: (619) 942-1694

When Day Gives Way To Night

An electronic ethno-ambient journey into the primordial gap between the worlds.

Experience a rare live performance with internationally acclaimed composer and sound shaman Steve Roach and Spotted Peccary artist David Helpling in one of the most unique settings imaginable -- under the magical skies of the Reuben H. Fleet Space Theater and Science Center's OMNIMAX® theatre in San Diego.

November 16 & 17, 1996 -- Santa Monica, California
The Living Planet
1700 Ocean Park Blvd
info: (310) 452-1082

November 14, 1996 -- San Francisco, California (8:30 pm)
Asphodel Records Presents: Recombinant
King Street Garage, 174 King Street
tickets: $15 -- 21 & over
info: check the Recombinant web page at Sound Traffic Control, or call (415) 522-7380

November 12, 1996 -- San Francisco, California (7:30 pm)
Asphodel Records Presents: Recombinant (with Kenneth Newby, Halcyon Days, and Robert Rich)
Club Townsend, 177 Townsend Street
tickets: $8 -- 21 & over
info: check the Recombinant web page at Sound Traffic Control, or call (415) 522-7380
RECOMBINANT is the first of a series of tours involving DJ's, musicians and video artists in a collaborative performance. The participants currently include: from Australia, the video artists GRANULAR SYNTHESIS; from New York, ILLBIENT CREW, DJ SPOOKY, WE, SUB-DUB, and BYZAR; from San Francisco, ISO ORCHESTRA and DJ CHEB I SABBAH, in addition to local DJ's in each city featuring multiple turntables as live musical instruments, such as INVISIBLE SCRATCH PICKLES from San Francisco, and the X-MEN from Brooklyn. San Francisco festival dates will include a Fathom Records Night, featuring their recording artists, Steve Roach and Robert Rich.

The shows will be presented this fall in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. Shows are scheduled for November 9 in Los Angeles; four nights in San Francisco, November 12-15; and tentatively November 22 in Seattle.

The goal of the festival is to stretch the traditional concert paradigms of the late 20th Century. RECOMBINANT is a live exploitation of cyber-dub-sub-culture, demonstrating the next step in artistic collisions. It illustrates the dub dynamic of audio-visual mixologyas applied to a "summit-style" DJ clash and the dynamic collaboration of an orchestra.

The RECOMBINANT tour is produced by the joint efforts of Sound Traffic Control (STC) of San Francisco and Tasty Shows of Seattle, Washington. STC is a media-production collective that has developed a new multi-speaker, 3-D audio projection array. This sonic-immersion environment experience allows musicians, DJ's, engineers, conductors, and sound sculptors to spontaneously form an inter-woven surround-sound orchestra. After years of investigation and development, and many "test flight" engagements in North America and Japan, the STC network has coalesced a large walk-through 3-D musical instrument. STC has created a catalyst for a new sound-space that projects live dynamic audio, in, around, and over the audience area, becoming a format for diverse musical reconstructions.

Tasty Shows is a creative arts production company that currently produces concerts and music-related events, but envisions moving into other entertainment mediums such as film and video. Tasty Shows has been recognized at all levels of the music industry for innovation and attention to detail. Some of the shows Tasty has brought to Seattle include Soundgarden, Neil Young, Pearl Jam, Dee- Lite, Massive Attack, Portishead, The Fugees, D'Angelo, Public Enemy, Spearhead, Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, and Ice Cube. Tasty Shows recently worked with the Olympic Organizing Committee and the City of Seattle to produce a celebration for the Olympic Torch Relay to Atlanta.

October 27, 1996 -- Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Didgeridoo and soundscape workshop
info: (414) 562-7827
Cost is $30 for the 3-hour workshop. Call the phone number listed above for more information.

October 26, 1996 -- Milwaukee, Wisconsin (8pm)
The Falcon's Nest, 801 E Clark St.
info: Stu at Dark Star Books and Music, 1-800-306-9030 or (414) 562-7827

Tribal-ambient space music artist Steve Roach will appear in a live performance, Saturday, October 26, 1996, at the Falcon's Club, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Showtime is 8pm. Milwaukee group Ma-ja-le is opening. You must be 21 to enter.

Tickets are $15 in advance, and $20 at the door. To order by phone call 414-562-7827 Mon-Sat 10-8 central time, Sun noon-6. There is a $1 per ticket charge for mail orders.

The Falcon's Club is located at 801 East Clarke Street, at the corner of Clarke and Fratney, in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood. Take I-43 to Locust Street exit (Exit #2) then head east (towards Lake Michigan). Third light (Fratney Street) go south 3 blocks to Clarke. If you get lost call 562-7827.

For out-of-town visitors, there is a Steve Roach Discount Package at the Hilton Inn - Milwaukee River! You can get a $110 room for $78. The Hilton is located at 4700 North Port Washington Road (I-43 at Hampton exit). Their phone number is 414-962-6040. There is also a Budgetel Inn ($45 rooms) just north of the Hilton. Their number is 414-964-8484. To get to the show from either hotel, go south on Port Washington to Capital, east to Humboldt, south to Clarke, west 3 blocks (or, get back on I-43 and follow the directions above).

October 26, 1996 -- Milwaukee, Wisconsin (3-5pm)
Dark Star Books and Music
info: Stu at Dark Star Books and Music, 1-800-306-9030 or (414) 562-7827
Special in-store appearance. Meet Steve and bring your CD's for him to sign. Dark Star is located at 800 East Burleigh.

November 10, 1996 -- San Jose, California (4:30 pm)
New Age Renaissance Fair
San Jose Convention Center (Parkside Hall, Room 1)
tickets: $5 (includes Fair admission)
contact: Eric A. Meece, (408) 448-6726
The 15th annual New Age Renaissance Fair features speakers Courtney Brown, Barry & Joyce VIssell, Bruce Eisner, Stanley Krippner, Robert Anton Wilson, Terrie Brill -- live music from Steve Roach, Sophia, Ancient Future, Soulstice, Geist, Kim Cascone, Kevin Keller, and Tajalli, and over 200 exhibitors including psychics, occultists, visionary arts and crafts, health, and metaphysics.

November 8, 1996 -- Sacramento, California (8:30 pm)
Tower Records and Audio FX present an evening ritual with Steve Roach
Audio FX, 1415 Howe Avenue
tickets: $15, advance reservations required
contact: Biff Johnson @ Tower Records (Watt Avenue), (916) 482-9191
Experience a live Steve Roach performance enhanced by Audio FX's audiophile sound system. Seating is extremely limited, so reservations must be made in advance.

September 21, 1996
Tower Records
Nashville, Tennessee
info: Tony Gerber (
In-store concert with Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Giles Reaves, and Tony Gerber, to mark the release of the Lektronic Soundscapes compilation Soundscape Gallery.

June 29, 1996 (10pm)
Cloud Watch
Azar Court Warehouse
Baltimore, MD
info: (410) 750-6121
tickets (Baltimore area): Modern Music, (410) 675-2172
tickets (mail order): Sonic Soul Productions, (410) 675-4409
Produced by LoveGrove and Sonic Soul Productions, this 10-hour event featured Steve Roach and Chuck Van Zyl, with DJ's Jeff Towne, Love Grove, Wig, and Infinity.

June 28, 1996 (8pm)
Star's End Gathering
Houston Hall Auditorium, University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
info: Shen Shellenberger at 1-800-565-WXPN or (215) 573-3340
Full-length concert, with Chuck Van Zyl and Peter Gulch opening.

June 25 & 26, 1996 (7pm both nights)
Projekt Festival: From Across This Gray Land
The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL
info: (312) 491-0108
tickets: 1-800-CDLASER or Ticketmaster
click for photos

With Lycia, Thanatos, Soul Whirling Somewhere, Love Spirals Downwards, Attrition, Sean Bowley (of Eden), Arcanta, and Black Tape For a Blue Girl.

June 23, 1996 (2:30 pm)
Tower Records, downtown Chicago
contact: Rico Benjamin, (312) 477-5994

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