Steve Roach Live: The Projekt Festival
The Vic Theater, Chicago, Illinois -- June 25, 1996
review by Jeff Berkwits, Asterism magazine, No. 4 (Summer 1996)

As the opening act for Projekt Records' multi-artist From Across This Gray Land Festival, Roach offered a 45-minute set which featured only two compositions. It was a performance that even he admitted was somewhat experimental in nature, and while it may have been a bit darker than his usual fare it still offered surprising succulent sounds. With little lighting and only two small candles serving as stage decoration, Roach began the set with a reverberating didgeridoo. After walking to the front of the stage with the instrument, he returned to his tower of electronics and presented a series of pleasant organic sounds from sources such as rattles and strings of shells. These noises were sampled and combined with other effects, creating an exotic and exciting excursion that lasted for more than 25 minutes. The second selection was more traditionally melodic, opening with a huge burst of synthesized sound and maintaining a dynamic feel that was reminiscent of early Tangerine Dream. As a Steve Roach sampler, the concert was excellent, leaving the audience hungry for more of his ethereally exhilarating music.

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