Live Archive
by Richard di Santo, Incursion

Released in early 2000 on Groove Unlimited, LIVE ARCHIVE presents a series of live recordings made with Steve Roach throughout 1997. These two frequent collaborators rely on their "mutual passion and instinct for travelling in the soundcurrent", and describe the process of live collaboration as "communicating with each other blindfolded, focusing entirely on the sound appearing in the moment and being exchanged back and forth". For me, one of the most telltale pieces here is "Two Reptiles", recorded during the open-air Verucchio festival in Italy. The percussions pound like a great thunder; deep echoes, harmonics and a shifting didgeridoo move through this piece with great momentum. Like a couple of conspiring snakes in a deep chasm (the "two reptiles" of the title?), Roach and Obmana fold their sounds around each other as their elements twist, turn and writhe in perfect balance. These eight tracks are generous in length and succeed in creating captivating and organic soundworlds. This is first class ethnoambient music with a slightly experimental edge and a unique sound dynamic.

Live Archive

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Live Archive
Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana
2000 Groove Unlimited GR038 (CD)
Reviewed by Jim Brenholts, Jason Bratcher, Incursion, Synth Music Direct, The Raging Consciousness Desk

A blending of selected live high points from concerts in 1997 in the US and Europe. It contains almost all new and unreleased material created for the tour, as well as improvisations that captured the atmosphere of the performance space in Italy: an outdoor Roman-era amphitheater set within a mountain-top village. Take the spirit of their previous studio releases, and unleash this in the live setting of duel didgeridoos, deep soundworlds, trance grooves, shamanic percussion, flutes, ocarinas and otherworldly spirit voices. The result unfolds like one perfect uninterrupted concert in your own space.
1. Verucchio InvocationMP37:21 
2. Common GroundMP37:38 
3. Two ReptilesMP312:20 
4. Dreampipe DialogueMP33:54 
5. Soundworld CollageMP39:19 
6. AscensionMP36:57 
7. Tribal PerspectiveMP37:38 
8. Divine InnermissionMP312:15 

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