by Darren Bergstein, Muze

ARTIFACTS continues Roach’s exploration of worlds simultaneously ancient, mystic and subconscious. Picking up where ORIGINS left off, Roach conjures up stirring, metaphysical sounds and deeply invasive events from his electro-acoustic arsenal. Opening with the awesome "Groundswell," an exhibition of cackling amphibious life teeming below an underbelly of gelatinous rhythms and tumultuous waves of electronics, up through the massive oosporic ambience and vast realms of "The Origin of Artifacts" (which actually samples bits of ORIGINS) to the shifting tundras of "Ancestral Horizon," which sports one of the most magnetic percussive / electronic melodies he has devised yet, ARTIFACTS continues Roach’s investigation into the fourth, fifth, and infinite worlds beyond. These must surely have been the sounds ancient cultures rehearsed while the continental plates shifted below them.


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Steve Roach
1994 Fortuna 17082 (CD)
Reviewed by Linda Kohanov, Muze, The Herald (Allaire, New Jersey)

Should be considered the second disc of ORIGINS. Recently unearthed: seven artifacts, 77 minutes, and several thousand years old, from now. This is at the deep core of Roach's Tribal-Ambient phase. "Immerse yourself in its throbbing rhythms, riding on the electro-acoustic textures he renders in organic manipulations... probing the netherside... more searing than soothing." (CD REVIEW)
1. GroundswellMP38:15 
2. Thunder BrotherMP39:29 
3. The Origin of ArtifactsMP325:46 
4. Your Own EyesMP38:02 
5. Ancestral HorizonMP37:49 
6. Temple of the FrogMP38:55 
7. Begin Where I EndMP38:01 

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