Australian David Hudson collaborated with Steve Roach on DREAMTIME RETURN as well as AUSTRALIA: SOUND OF THE EARTH. This album, a collaboration of sorts with Roach, is a series of didjeridu and soundworld combinations that are startling in their creation of vivid and dense atmospheres that are mesmerizing. Hudson's didjeridu playing is remarkable, techniques that stretch the boundaries of this fascinating instrument. The tonal variety simply has to be heard to be believed. With extreme reverence, Hudson's didjeridu, percussion, and vocals and Steve Roach's production and soundworld creation combine to honor Australian aboriginal tradition. A written example is provided in the booklet of the extinct giant goanna, a reptile extinct over 20,000 years that aboriginal oral history remembers in a story that is also related. Such text adds greatly to the overall effect of the CD, a wealth of exotic soundpools for the imagination to explore in. The didjeridu is used in rhythms, drones, and subtle effects, and the sonic mists, bubbling storms, and lush sound mosaics recreate ancient eras, from the rythmic intro of "Brunga" to the dripping, humid darkness of "Bulurru." Each listen reveals more, this is an ambient / indigenous combination with a breadth of vision.


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David Hudson (with Steve Roach)
1998 Celestial Harmonies 15033 (CD)
Reviewed by Hans Stoeve, Exposť

This is actually a full collaboration between Steve and David. Another visit to the Timeroom provided the didgeridoo solos that Steve then worked on his own over a few months. "Dreamtime Soundworlds" were created in ways that support the didgeridoo in an expansive and surreal setting.
1. BrungaMP36:48 
2. DreamroadsMP34:57 
3. Split RockMP36:01 
4. GooranaMP38:41 
5. YalangiMP39:46 
6. BulurruMP311:39 
7. JummaMP314:24 

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