A Soul Ascends
by Paul Asbury Seaman
July 2020

I knew from the very first notes this album was special. To call something an "ambient symphony" is almost a contradiction in terms, but if any work deserved that description, it is this one. Perhaps "requiem" is the more fitting term, given the melancholic tone here. The second track offers a long period of reflection leading to the final movement's quiet merging of beauty and tranquility with a waterwheel motif evoking that ancient symbol of life's circling power and sustenance.

A Soul Ascends

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A Soul Ascends
Steve Roach
2020 Projekt PRO373 (CD)
Reviewed by Paul Asbury Seaman, Bandcamp Daily, On An Overgrown Path, Star's End

A SOUL ASCENDS is a majestic, deeply moving sonic suspension drawn from the essence of Steve Roach's visionary ambient / electronic music. A vast and intimate holding-the-space of heart-centered serenity and compassion, the album couples the body to the eternal flow of a vaporizing weightlessness — back to a divine nothingness, the Tabula Rasa where everything began.

Created at Steve's Timehouse Studio over seven days in mid-April 2020, this music was sourced from and created for this unequaled moment in our lifetime. The three movements express the delicate and profound innerplay of contemplative space, tone and time. The expansive, lush timbral embrace has an undeniable connection to the DNA of Steve's classic-era STRUCTURES FROM SILENCE and QUIET MUSIC releases.

A SOUL ASCENDS is like a language all its own: a life in consolidation from which the next breath activates. The space reaches for you, lifts you out, and draws you in like an enveloping etheric presence. This sense of an omnipresent dimension of tranquility and transcendence is the heart of A SOUL ASCENDS.

1. The Radiant Return 32:14 
2. In Present Space 16:01 
3. Reflection in Ascension 25:42 

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