Low Volume Music
by Bert Strolenberg, Sonic Immersion
June 2012

About ten years ago, Steve Roach and vidnaObmana made their last collaborative work. With LOW VOLUME MUSIC, Dirk Serries returns to re-energize their fine collaborative efforts, but by going with his own name instead.

What we have here is almost an hour of slow evolving, free-form textural music, meant as a contemplative counterpoint for nowaday's fast and hectic times. The smooth morphing and overall lush soundscapes, presented in five lengthy tracks, are centered on pure minimalism, introspection and harmony, opening up vast but tranquil spaces with gently shifting ripples.

The transparent loops and lush spiraling spheres make up delicate sound meditations of deep ambient with a zen-like flow and distinct stillness always found at its core. I personally feel the last two tracks ("Bow" and "Haze") here offer the upmost flow and best blend of profound ambient elements.

LOW VOLUME MUSIC makes contemporary music for the slow lane, meant for the here and now, fully dedicated to cleanse and slow down our busy minds.

Low Volume Music

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Low Volume Music
Steve Roach, Dirk Serries
2012 Projekt PRO277 (CD)
Reviewed by allmusic, Relaxed Machinery, Sonic Curiosity, Sonic Immersion, Synth&Sequences, Textura

After a ten year hiatus, Steve Roach and Dirk Serries (formerly recording as vidnaObmana or Vidna Obmana) reconnect to begin anew. The result is LOW VOLUME MUSIC, an introspective musical palette solely dedicated to harmony, integrity and pure beauty.

In a world where the noise level of daily life has increased to a fever pitch, this release offers an essential sonic respite from the external distractions. These five delicate sound meditations appear in the listening space like slowly drifting incense. The pieces are built upon a perfect blend of deep ambient characteristics: looping and lush textures and harmonics mixed with subtle, hovering, lattice-like forms. The tracks follow a zen-like flow, bringing the listener's attention down to a distinct stillness, a single point; gently shifting, sparkling mirror pools of sound are revealed as meditations to reflect upon. The understated beauty of LOW VOLUME MUSIC offers a path back to the soulful nourishment found at the quiet center.

"We chose the title LOW VOLUME MUSIC," Dirk reflects, "because we wanted to score an album of pure minimalism, introspection and harmony; music that is most effective at a lower volume. Although it draws from our personal and mutual universe of sound, I believe the biggest difference from the past is we both wanted to aim for something unclouded without pushing each other to break sonic boundaries. We both felt it was vital for us personally to express that part of us that we return to: the pure, harmonically-nuanced side of our art that we naturally live and breathe."

Over the course of their six releases and many international concerts, Roach and Serries pushed the edges of ambient electronic music, then when the time felt right they respectfully stepped away to pursue other work. With LOW VOLUME MUSIC, Roach and Serries reconnect to create a beautiful release, displaying a vision sublimely refined, minimal, and true. This is perhaps their most personal collaboration to date.

1. HereMP38:01 
2. WhisperMP312:44 
3. ClosedMP38:12 
4. BowMP314:28 
5. HazeMP315:14 

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