Immersion Five - Circadian Rhythms
by Phil Derby, Electroambient Space
March 2011

IMMERSION FIVE - CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS is the most textured, organic album in the Immersion series to date, full of little clicks and buzzes like nighttime crickets and other critters basking in a dark swampy marsh. Disc 1 is divided into three long phases of about 14, 23, and 37 minutes respectively. The first phase has dark shimmering, swirling sounds vaguely reminiscent of other deep, expansive Roach works, perhaps like a softer version of THE MAGNIFICENT VOID. Layered over the top are alien sounds not unlike those explored on POSSIBLE PLANET. Though "Phase 1" flows seamlessly into "Phase 2" the difference in sound is distinct enough to recognize the transition. The bug-like clicking sounds cease, and a bubbly, percolating bass line emerges, along with a cool groove that brings back memories of CORE. The varied layers of repeating musical phrases become thoroughly mesmerizing. The groove recedes, leaving gentle atmospheric washes of sound for the last few minutes before a pleasant bass line returns for "Phase 3." The general flavor reminds me of yet another Roach classic, DREAMTIME RETURN. Though deep echoes of sound remain, this one is considerably lighter, almost playful by comparison to the earlier phases. Disc 2 is one 73-minute epic, "Shroud of Night," a dark yet smooth piece that is like parts of MYSTIC CHORDS & SACRED SPACES, with hints of MIDNIGHT MOON as well. Though IMMERSION FIVE - CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS finds a number of recognizable reference points, it explores them in fresh new ways. Highly recommended.

Immersion Five - Circadian Rhythms

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Immersion Five - Circadian Rhythms
Steve Roach
2011 Timeroom Editions 24 (CD)
Reviewed by Electroambient Space, Guts of Darkness, Hypnagogue, MusicTAP, Sonic Curiosity, Sonic Immersion

The Immersion series takes a compelling turn, moving towards a new perspective on Steve's Immersion experience. Disc one, "Circadian Rhythms" explores a sensual flow of harmonic suspension and sparse melodic mantra-like patterns hovering over rhythmic spaces and mercurial zones. Opening up within an organic analog modular garden of sound, a pulsing undulating groove spiral emerges, creating a suspended sensation of constant flow while hovering in the now. "Circadian Rhythms" moves through a continuous 73-minute flow in three phases.

Disc two, "Shroud of Night" was created from a blend of Steve's unique textural electric guitar and harmonic synth alchemy. The strands of emotion contained within this long-form atmosphere take on a feeling of clouds illuminated by full moonlight wafting into the deep hours of the night. This is a place of pure immersion and sonic warmth. Tested on infinite-repeat mode for over a year throughout all times of the day, into the night and beyond. Immerse thyself, once again.

Also available: SOUNDS FROM THE INBETWEEN BOX SET, joining THE DESERT INBETWEEN and IMMERSION FIVE - CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS in a limited-edition box, autographed and personally hand-numbered by Steve (autographs may be omitted by special request). Each box contains a CD-sized postcard with additional glyphs hand-scribed by Steve, every one unique.

Disc 1
1. Circadian RhythmsMP373:44 
Disc 2
1. Shroud of NightMP373:33 

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