by Phil Derby, Electroambient Space
January 2009

I continue to be impressed by the high quality of Jeffrey Koepper's releases, fantastic music in the style of late 70's and early 80's Tangerine Dream. As usual, LUMINOSITY is filled with great sequencing, tight melodies, and beautifully atmospheric space music. The breadth and depth of Koepper's talent is on full display within the first three tracks, starting with catchy moderately paced sequencing and synths on "Reflection". In perfect contrast, "Light and Truth" is very airy, light but not insubstantial, full of bright shimmering tones in relaxed sonic hues. "Artifacts" goes pure retro, but in a stripped down way, using three synths to capture the essence of the old classic Mellotron flutes, strings, and a simple cadence in the background to keep time. It is wonderful in its sparseness, as is the next track, "Winter Space". In fact, this is a considerably mellower affair throughout than its predecessor, SEQUENTARIA. "Life Clock" continues the easy-going pace, ticking slowly with cool space twitters along the way. The lead synth line here is very reminiscent of vintage Klaus Schulze. Gently pulsating sequences pick up the tempo a little on the next couple of tracks, but throughout the disc shows considerable restraint, focusing on setting a hypnotic mood and maintaining it, particularly in the case of the 11-minute "Transmission", the longest track and yet the one you may miss most after it fades. "Dusk Till Dawn" is the most minimal track, mostly water and low drones, with a sparse melody toward the end; very cool. "Rising Sun" is a warm, relaxing number to finish off a great album in style.


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Jeffrey Koepper
2009 Air Space Records (CD)
Reviewed by Electroambient Space

This fourth solo release from electronic artist Jeffrey Koepper presents a more contempletive aspect of his warm analog synth-based sound creations. Delicate unfolding slow to mid-tempo melodic patterns create a meditative symmetry, while graceful harmonic textures intermix with the flow. The total effect is one of peaceful reflection.
1. ReflectionMP38:39 
2. Light and TruthMP39:53 
3. ArtifactsMP35:17 
4. Winter SpaceMP37:21 
5. Life ClockMP37:25 
6. EmitterMP37:20 
7. TransmissionMP311:06 
8. Dusk Till Dawn 10:23 
9. Rising SunMP36:04 

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