A Deeper Silence
by Matt Howarth, Sonic Curiosity
December 2008

This release from 2008 features 74 minutes of extreme ambience.

Indulging in excessive minimalism, this music is offered as one long track that the liner notes recommend listening to on low looped playback to generate an infinite sonic environment of relaxation.

Ethereal tonalities emerge from a silent darkness and drift through the murky climate with no attempts to generate illumination. The tones luxuriate in extended waves that defy perception, establishing a steadfast drone of barely discernible definition. Gradually, far too delicately to be clearly noticed, the density of the soundscape increases into a rarefied atmosphere of sighing pulsations which in themselves are still too drawn out to detect movement.

In truth, the music features an assortment of changes, but these evolutionary transformations occur over such prolonged periods that their development remains too subtle for detection. Effectively, this is the nucleus of this release's charm: the music resolutely passive nature. The harmonics rise from near silence and achieve a whispery softness that one must strain to recognize.

This composition is designed to provide the listener with an intentionally unobtrusive background flow whose entire effect happens within the brain. These ephemeral tones smooth all psychic waves with their own languid resonance, instilling a sense of calm and expansive serenity.

A Deeper Silence

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A Deeper Silence
Steve Roach
2008 Timeroom Editions 19 (CD)
Reviewed by e/i magazine, Electroambient Space, Sonic Curiosity, Sonic Immersion

This new long-form zone billows out like a big sigh of time, breathing steady and strong. Minimal and infinite in its essence, like all of Steve's long-form zones this is a functional soundworld specifically created to enhance the atmosphere of your personal sanctuary, your living environment and beyond. Lower volume playback increases the potency. This sound space serves as a kind of portal to states of subtle awareness, and is perfect for the support of deeper sleeping as well.
1. A Deeper SilenceMP373:43 

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