A Deeper Silence
by Phil Derby, Electroambient Space
July 2008

By now, Steve Roach fans should know what to expect when an album is comprised of a single long-form work. A DEEPER SILENCE could just as easily have been named Immersion Four, but whatever you want to call it, it adds up to another sublime piece of minimal atmospheric ambience. If you enjoy THE DREAM CIRCLE, "Piece of Infinity" (from MYSTIC CHORDS & SACRED SPACES), and DARKEST BEFORE DAWN, you are virtually assured of liking this as well. A DEEPER SILENCE, like its predecessors, does nothing special to command attention. There are no dizzying heights, no stark depths, no one thing to attract one to it. And yet, it is these same characteristics that pull one into its sonic world, drawn in by virtue of its subtlety and softness. It is a static and yet ever-shifting piece, evoking images of clouds, mist, darkness, and the like. It plays like an infinite loop, one that I have gladly listened to from start to finish on several occasions. Equally enjoyable for deep listening with headphones or passive listening in the background, A DEEPER SILENCE is classic Steve Roach.

A Deeper Silence

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A Deeper Silence
Steve Roach
2008 Timeroom Editions 19 (CD)
Reviewed by e/i magazine, Electroambient Space, Sonic Curiosity, Sonic Immersion

This new long-form zone billows out like a big sigh of time, breathing steady and strong. Minimal and infinite in its essence, like all of Steve's long-form zones this is a functional soundworld specifically created to enhance the atmosphere of your personal sanctuary, your living environment and beyond. Lower volume playback increases the potency. This sound space serves as a kind of portal to states of subtle awareness, and is perfect for the support of deeper sleeping as well.
1. A Deeper SilenceMP373:43 

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