by Phil Derby, Electroambient Space
May 2008

Jeffrey Koepper's third release SEQUENTARIA finds him fully in retro mode, with catchy melodic electronic music in the style of Tangerine Dream from the early 1980's, perhaps my favorite era of theirs, with the trio of Froese, Franke and Schmoelling. For example, "Blue Sector" sounds like it could have fit comfortably on Exit. The simple pulsing rhythm, the cool vintage sounds from the PPG Wave, and the stutter-step sequencing all plays out perfectly for a warm and inviting beginning. "Astral Projection" starts out all bubbly and spacey, taking its sweet time before hypnotic sequencing again envelops you. The pacing on "Timeline" is particularly effective, chugging along just so. Classic synth lead lines will have Teutonic enthusiasts in heaven. "Near Machinery" is one of my favorites, a perfect blend of soft, rapid sequencing, adept synth solos, and warm pads. "Interphase" gives a nod to Jean-Michel Jarre with its tinkling crisp percussion that harkens back to the days of Oxygene. Each selection is allowed just the right amount of time to develop and set the mood before moving on to the next juncture. And to the delight of gearheads, Koepper gives the complete run-down of the synths and sequencers used on each and every track. Required listening for Berlin school fans.


CD  $15.00 
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Jeffrey Koepper
2008 Air Space Records (CD)
Produced by Steve Roach
Reviewed by Electroambient Space

SEQUENTARIA is Jeffrey Koepper's new solo release, and like his previous ETHEREA and MOMENTIUM, SEQUENTARIA relies completely on classic analog synths, drum machines and analog sequencers to construct an organic melodic-rythmic-sequential interweave. The overall feeling is playful and inspired, with a hint of nostalgia as the warmth of vintage analogue sounds and sequences emerge in forms that evolve from the interactive hands-on approach these instruments offer. Fans of classic Jean-Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream will be especially interested in this release. Mastered by Steve Roach.

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