Arc of Passion
by Phil Derby, Electroambient Space
January 2008

Steve continues to amaze with the quantity and quality of his musical output. ARC OF PASSION is over 100 minutes of all-new music, and it is excellent in every way, from the pristine sound quality to the beautiful ice-blue layout put together by Projekt label head Sam Rosenthal, to the dreamy music contained within. Created live in the moment in Pomona, California on 07-07-07, it exemplifies the heights Steve has reached with his craft. The music, particularly on the soothing opener "Moment of Grace", flows effortlessly along. It sounds familiar and yet fresh, radiating extremely pleasant warmth even as it resonates deeply. The music segues right into the title track, which interestingly enough is split in two, about a half hour each at the end of disc one and the start of disc two. It has been compared to STORMWARNING, and while the relatively brisk sequencing bears some resemblance, this seems calmer to me. Ethereal pads float in the same sonic space as the energetic sounds, neither one relegated to the background. In lesser hands the melding of such disparate styles might not have worked, but with Steve the result is highly effective. A long slow downward spiral of energy leads into the final track "Views Beyond", which seems to echo into forever, much like THE MAGNIFICENT VOID although the timbre is different. The didgeridoo seems processed somehow for a cool otherworldly effect that combines future and past, modern and primitive, in the inimitable Steve Roach style. ARC OF PASSION sets the bar very high for future 2008 ambient releases.

Arc of Passion

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Arc of Passion
Steve Roach
2007 Projekt PRO202 (CD)
Reviewed by Electroambient Space, Musique Machine, Signal to Noise, Sonic Curiosity, Sonic Immersion, Star's End, Tokafi

Three striking new pieces born from the moment. Steve Roach's new 2-CD set seamlessly fuses three long unfolding soundworlds into a vibrant sonic odyssey. The result can only be described as a living, breathing ARC OF PASSION. As one of the pioneers of electronic music, Steve's career has many musical highpoints; ARC OF PASSION proves to be another definitive statement along the path. Advanced response from listeners places this album at the top of the list of must-have releases from Steve's body of work. Steve reaches into his sonic palette to weave elements drawn from his three definitive styles into a continuous, evolving flow. Rich harmonic chords, spiraling sequences and deep sky soundworlds move fluidly within this 2-hour set.

A vibrant immediacy is alive on ARC OF PASSION; recorded in a studio-like environment at Analogue Haven with an audience of 80 people, the sonic textures and evolving nature of the pieces reach into the core of the present moment bringing it into form with elegance and energy.

The opening 19-minute track billows outwards with rich and shadowed harmonic movement; deep chords ebb and flow like the thunder clouds of a summer storm, entering the realm of the hauntingly serene MYSTIC CHORDS & SACRED SPACES or THE MAGNIFICENT VOID albums. The set flows into the 60-minute title track built from layers of percussive and melodic patterns interwoven and evolving while holding a steady pulse and direction. Waves of emotion from intertwining sequencers provide the foundation for the evolving trance patterns that develop into full mesmerizing, passionate form. The closing 20-minute piece is deep primal ambience mixed with processed didgeridoo hovering within an expansive soundscape. Long, arching tendril-like forms breathe within this infinite soundfield.

Steve comments: "This arc represents a trajectory of emotion infused with energy from a radiant, serene core that comes from within the creative moment." ARC OF PASSION is a deep and vibrant expression of life lived passionately.

(Source: Projekt press release)

"Steve Roach reaches back into his sonic palette and pulls forth quite possibly the definitive album of his career. Beyond essential." -- Michael Ostrich,
Disc 1
1. Moment of GraceMP319:05 
2. Arc of PassionMP331:36 
Disc 2
1. Arc of Passion (continued)MP328:44 
2. Views BeyondMP321:29 
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-  Disc 2 MP3 ExcerptsMP3 

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