Storm Surge
by Matt Howarth, Sonic Curiosity

This release from 2006 offers 46 unedited minutes of Roach's live performance at NEARfest at the Zoellner Arts Center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, on July 9, 2005.

Roach's skills at producing an intensely lush live performance are well-known, and this recording perpetuates his capabilities with astounding scope.

Ethereal textures coalesce like gathering stormclouds, but the rainfall from these thunderheads is sparkling and vivacious, each droplet of sound infecting the audience with a dreamy clarity certain to expand consciousness. Fragile effects mix with synthetic rhythms to achieve a vibrant environment of thrilling depth. The tonalities waft with luxurious expansion, while soothing embellishments swell with pulsating resonance.

Rhythms come and go, punctuating the heavenly tapestry with remote propulsion, never overt but still contagious in their subtle and complex motivation. The presence of liquid sounds only serves to give the tempos an earthy quality.

Let us not forget the periodic presence of didjeridoo, whose soulful breathing injects an arid heritage to the seething mass of modern tuneage. This instrument's contributions are integral in establishing a pensive moodiness for the concert's dark finale.

While steeped in a celestial demeanor, this music exhibits a certain terrestrial quality, grounding the audience while lifting them to dizzying altitudes. The overall tone is a dreamy one, although these ambient voyages exude a stern power that often commands more than it sedates.

Blending classic compositions with new pieces, Roach seamlessly conjures a lavish soundscape of breathtaking mien.

Storm Surge

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Storm Surge
Live at NEARfest

Steve Roach
2006 NEARfest Records NFR0008 (CD)
Reviewed by Electroambient Space, e|i magazine, Sonic Curiosity

For an uninterrupted 45 minutes, Steve Roach captivated the NEARfest audience in 2005 with a hyper-charged set designed to create an exhilarating ride through the many worlds found in his sonic landscapes. Fire-breathing primal-voiced synths, pulsing rhythms and haunting didgeridoo passionately intertwine as STORM SURGE progresses to an emotional climax. This is a well-timed release, as those who are experiencing the KAIROS DVD can hear first-hand one of the many concerts that helped shaped the outcome of the DVD. This abbreviated set was supported by visuals that were part of the developing KAIROS project. STORM SURGE: LIVE AT NEARFEST is presented just as it occurred, with no edits or post studio fixes; the sound of the hall and the audience is all a part of the impact of this powerful live document.
1. This PlanetMP31:58 
2. Mystic PassageMP32:11 
3. Wings of IcarusMP35:12 
4. Core MeditationMP39:42 
5. Void Passage-PortalMP34:52 
6. Possible PassageMP34:23 
7. NEARstormMP38:29 
8. End PortalMP30:43 
9. Holding the PearlMP34:51 
10. DarktimeMP33:34 

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