Echo Passage

Flutey bursts, whispy shimmers, and the organic glistenings of trickling sands mark the entryway. It doesn't take long amongst these unusual textures to realize the previous world is now gone, and who needed it anyway... it's much more lovely here. A long, long stretch of rich multi-layered drones with no interruptions or percussive effects is eventually visited upon by sparse instances of faraway birdlike hoots and chatter as the soundwaves become more subdued and darker. More organics emerge as a fizzy/bubbly current flows through these parts, and a powerful surging entity begins to periodically pulse in long, low tones. Everything returns to an airier, calmer state... for the time being at least.

At the halfway point, those sonic molecules begin to shadow and thicken, becoming more ominous, like a mechanical wind, though still suffused with choirlike threads of unearthly beauty. The turbulence grows; faint, unidentifiable ripples are heard through the chasmic howl. Cyclonic murk surrounds with distant vocal mutations and thin chimes occasionally lighting the way, leading into a realm of almost-silence.

A thin drone blows in to be joined by mutedly brassy blares. Sporadic bird chirps add an Earthly touch to the otherwise unnatural atmospheres. A radiant haze begins to coalesce, swirling with gossamer strands, delicate yet powerful, gaining accompaniment from a two-tone counterpoint which temporarily fades away. Magical swells convolve around each other in strangely symphonic patterns, dancing like celestial auroras, wondrous to behold. All dissipates in the end, vanishing like the enchanting dreamworld it was...

ECHO PASSAGE contains all the audio awe-inspiration you would expect from a musical meeting between Vidna Obmana and Alio Die. The extended length and expertly rendered atmospheres are perfectly suited for long, deep immersions into abstract time and place. Go there! An 8.9!

Echo Passage

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Echo Passage
Vidna Obmana, Alio Die
2006 Projekt PRO190 (CD)
Reviewed by Phil Derby, AmbiEntrance

Vidna Obmana and Italian soundsculptor Alio Die unite their vision and realized this introspective work of sixty minutes. At times droning and abstract, sometimes ritualistic and ethnic. "ECHO PASSAGE clearly lives up to the reputations of Obmana and Musso while offering both ample opportunity to work outside of their ordinary parameters" -- Adam M. Bialek / Outburn (USA)

Vidna Obmana: Electronics, loops, recycling and various acoustics. Alio Die: Samples, treatments, textures and drones.

Originally released on Musica Maxima Magnetica, 1999.
1. Echoes of Light  
2. A Slip of Darkness  
3. The Passage  

2006 reissue in Digipak.

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